As people (or at least I) tend to rant about their crushes, I have to continue. Why am I suddenly so passionate about this gadget?

  • It’s Nokia. There is no rationality behind this. Perhaps other brands would have better price–quality ratio, I don’t know, but it has to be Nokia. If for nothing else, Nokias are in general far prettier than any of the other brands (there are some lapses: E61, 6630). Or can you show me a beautiful phone by someone else? (I do know it’s a matter of taste and I can be very stubborn.)
  • It’s S60. I’ve been itching to get an S60 phone. They’re like WordPress and Firefox: extensible and customisable.
  • Camera. I’m not a regular-camera person. It’s not something I carry around even to functions where I’d need it. I’ve been thinking of getting a digital camera but I’ve been putting it off because I don’t care for cameras. The harsh reality is, however, cameras are useful even if I don’t like being on the flash-side of them.
  • Lens cover. My 6101 is all sticky and there’re probably a few layers of fingerprints on the lens.
  • Infrared. I don’t know if there are phones that have only Bluetooth and not infrared, but I’ve just bought (and the trouble I had finding it!) an infrared adapter so I don’t want to make it useless so soon. It says in some places that the N73 package includes a datacable so maybe I don’t need the adapter — I’m happy as long as I don’t need to find+buy yet another connection device for my computer.
  • Snakes!!! Is it true?! The interactive demo says Snakes is one of the games. Hurraah!

Only minus (without any hands-on experience) is that it isn’t a fold phone.

Now, I’m not telling you to go buy the phone because I don’t want to see one walk past me on the street too often. (That’s the biggest turn-off for 6101 — I see it everywhere!) I’m just desperately trying to justify to myself the stack of money I’m going to lose for it some day… :) I guess I can indulge for a change? (Don’t remind me that I still have the plane tickets to buy…)