On the right side of the keypad there is a special key, the so-called Multimedia key where you can add four more shortcuts. Unfortunately it makes an awful noise when pressed which is why I never use it.

I’ve tried silencing it: I’ve looked for a sound file to delete (no luck), I’ve tried making the settings the same as in Beep or Silence mode where the Multimedia key is silent (no luck). Well, now I swapped my own profile with the Beep profile and I finally get a silent Multimedia key!

Is there really no other way to get the key to SHUT UP except for this “hack”?

[Edit Jan 20th] Boy, do I feel stupid now. :razz: Thanks to Antony for commenting and pointing out that there is a simple option for turning the sounds off:

Turn off Multimedia key sounds

Shh, can you hear that? Neither can I! Oh sweet silence. I go hide in my n00b hole now…