I signed a new employment contract today. Until now I’ve been on a fixed-term contract and paid by the hour because it has allowed me to study freely; I haven’t had any obligation to work from 9 to 5. But most of the time I do.

Now I had the option of continuing the temporary contract, get a permanent part-time (80% of full-time) job for the next year or a permanent full-time job starting right away. I’ve missed so little work that I decided to opt for the full-time — with benefits. Full-time is quite flexible to everyone as it is, and my boss additionally said they accept the fact that I’ll go to lectures.

I feel at ease now. I know exactly how much I’ll get each month and I’ll have more money for living after the loan instalments. With the current pay it may’ve been quite a scrape — I can’t say because I have no idea how much it costs to live on my own. (I’ll know “soon.”)