Ever since I found out I should try and use woolly socks in boots that have the tendency to destroy my feet, I’ve been looking forward to cold enough a weather to start breaking in my brand-new jungle boots and older-but-hardly-used combat boots.

It is slowly getting there but I couldn’t wait anymore. Hello, darlings:

Combat boot

Steel capped boots, for combatting... people who try to cut me in line?

(It’s the same pair of socks as in the photo of my jungle boots. I have a ton — or at least a couple of kilos — of woolly socks and I don’t even like blue, but those seem a good thickness. I will have to experiment.)

The boots are lovely but man, the amount of stuff they accumulate! Gravel, leaves, plums… When I got home today I noticed a twig roughly the size of a pinkie sticking out.


Loot of the day

What’s next? Dead squirrels?