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I started listing things that I don’t understand. There aren’t many posts on this but I wanted to make it a category. I might think of more in the future.

Being thorough

A detergent brand advertises that it works best in cleaning ground beef.

I’ve always thought cooking the meat suffices.


It’s weird that nowadays people don’t buy trousers that fit. Either they’re too short or too long and they have to wrap half a meter of pantleg up their shin… annoyance

I don’t understand people who write their URL in the WP forum profile without the http:// so when the link is created around the person’s name, their site URL gets attached to the forum address making urls like “”.

Look, I’m a bicycle!

I don’t understand Part III:
– why some people think they’re bicycles
lots of people walk smack in the middle of a cycle path on the street
– yesterday a woman with a pram didn’t get on the bus because there was one step! I was all ready to help her to lift the pram in but she took one look at the bus and left. It didn’t cross her mind to ask for help?

Word of the Day: guffaw; I sort of learned that today, I’ve always thought it was “guwaff” I must’ve misread it when I was little (I’ve never *heard* it). Oh yeah, it means hearty, boisterous burst of laughter — or a corresponding verb

In a way I finished the homepage I was making for my aunt. Now we’re anxiously (well, I’m anxious at least) waiting for the details to arrive so I can start uploading and setting up things. Very exiting!


First of all, Happy Birthday Grandpa! :)

Yesterday I managed to catch some sort of a cold by sitting my back to the back door of the bus. A slight breeze came from there, actually so noticeable that I thought the door was open. This morning, when I got on the bus I, of course, got a coughing spell.
No use in sniffling either, there’s an awful stench of paint here, and I can smell it. Guess who’ll have a headache by the end of the day. \o_ thaaaat’s right – I

I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut (or fingers tied) to let one day pass without blogging…

@ 13:14
¿Qué? “Wrought” is the past tense/past participle of “work”

I don’t understand II and a half :D
– why people ask questions and won’t bother checking with Google first (I’m referring to “stupid” questions on a translators’ mailing list)

(- why do I go to bed at 10:30 pm in order to get more sleep if I’m still awake at midnight…)

I don’t understand Part II

Another interesting smiley in an email from a professor: < =o\ There was a happier version < =o] of it in an email some time back. Some more I don't understands: - slash fanfiction or any fanfiction for that matter... or maybe some, but not the "let's force a romantic relationship on these two characters cause there must be something in the air even though this is a scifi/horror show and not a damn The Bold and the Beautiful" kind (a la X-Files shippers). To be honest, I don't care about other tv shows (etc.), but Mulder+Scully shipper fanfiction I *really* don't understand - people who throw their trash on the ground - people who mix they're, their, and there (in writing!) [edit: added 28 June] - people who wait *with their finger on the Stop-button* in a bus until they've reached some good spot before they can push the button - people who think I have "please, do cut in line" written on my back - people who read on the can [/edit]

I don’t understand

I don’t understand…
– people who return library books late
There was a guy yesterday at the library who returned 3 magazines 34 days late and the fine was about 20 euros. He started complaining about that and said that if he didn’t return the mags at all, that would cost him less. He was pretty loud. I felt like telling him “next time, why don’t you try returning them *on time*”
– people who use dog’s ears (the papery kind…) as bookmarks
– people who underline and write notes on library books
I understand some of the marks may have been done by the previous owner who kindly donated the book, but not all
– people who don’t cross the road (bigger than a small one :) ) via the zebra crossing
People run recklessly in front of cars, why do they think they have the right to be first? I know… cars have to give way to pedestrians, but why don’t pedestrians give way to cars? It’s far easier to stop on foot.
– people who don’t return things they’ve borrowed, in general :evil:
– did I already mention all kinds of cruelty towards library books? :D