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Sometimes I come across a line in a book (or other, but usually a book… and usually a King) that is funny, moving or just catches my thought exactly.

Abuser name

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A quirky typo

Dear English-speaking reader. There should be a space between “väärin” (= wrongly, mis-) and “käyttäjätunnuksesi” (= your username). “Väärin” specifies the word “kirjoitit” (= you typed).

I just don’t have anything to say right now

I had received the following spam comment which was sort of refreshing after the “Hi Jane! I like your site!”, “Best site I ever seen!”, “May we exchange links” comments that come in the dozens.

I’m really stupid
Yestarday I’ve got married and
today Im going make money online
So stupid
O-O-_ohh Mein Gott really you can see

Mein Gott, I’m so glad to have spam blocks.

I don’t really understand what this means:

Your site is very cognitive. I think you will have good future.:)

What is a ‘cognitive’ site?

But this is the most idiotic of all:

I just don’t have anything to say right now.


Why I love PCs

Now, this is why I stick to PCs:

Ctrl Alt Del comic — Mac gamer

[Ctrl Alt Del]

I recommend reading all of Ctrl+Alt+Del. The comics are wonderfully geeky.

Following instructions

The instructions above the textarea in the WP forums states

Put code in between `backticks`.

People have hard time understanding and/or following this. Sometimes there’s <code>, [code] or just ‘. But this is definitely the cutest of them all:

<object classid="…" width="320" height="256" codebase="…">

Good advertising?

This morning I heard an ad on the radio for footstep counters:

(…) askelmittari — askeleen edellä tarkkuudessa

“(…) step counter — one step ahead in accuracy”

The dictionary’s an X-Phile

Lookie what I found! A clever dictionary I was trying to figure out if ‘out’ is a preposition or an adverb (still couldn’t decide), and just happened to run into that. Good dictionary, I have to say.

King of brackets and paragraphs

I just love it how Stephen King sometimes refers to himself in his work (my emphasis)

Frank’s niece, Bobbi Anderson, lived on the Garrick place now — not that she farmed, of course; she wrote books. (…) Also, she wrote good old western stories that you could really sink your teeth into, not all full of make-believe monsters and a bunch of dirty words, like the books that fellow who lived up Bangor way wrote. Goddam good westerns, people said.
— The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

King also uses a lot of brackets and short paragrahps


‘Relax,’ Newt said, and Dick nodded. ‘No one is going to connect the disappearance of a four-year-old boy who prob’ly just wandered off into the woods or got picked up and driven away by a sex pervert with the disappearance of two big strong State Bears. Right, Dick?’
   ‘As rain.’




— The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

Hannibal the Cannibal sitting in a plane

The small boy sniffs the air. His narrow eyes, shiny as those of a rodent, slide sideways to Dr. Lecter’s lunch. He speaks with the piercing voice of a competitive sibling:
“Hey, Mister. Hey, Mister.” He’s not going to stop.
“What is it?”
“Is that one of those special meals?”
“It is not.”
“What’ve you got in there, then?” The child turned his face up to Dr. Lecter in a full wheedle. “Gimme a bite?”
“Mooooaaaahm, can I have some of his samwich?”
The baby in Mother’s lap awoke an began to cry. Mother dipped a finger into the back of its diaper, came up negative, and gave the baby a pacifier.
she called to Dr. Lecter. “Would you pass it down to me? If you’re offering it to my child, I want to see it. No offense, but he’s got a tricky tummy.”
He passed his Fauchon box down to Mother.
“Hey, nice bread,” she said, poking it with her diaper finger.
— Hannibal by Thomas Harris

Ughhhhh, poor Hannibal.

The sound loonies must hear

Quote of the Day

(…) the first mosquito of the new season buzzes blood-thirstily past your ear with that eye-watering hum that always makes you think it’s the sound loonies must hear just before they kill all their kids or close their eyes on the Interstate and put the gas pedal to the floor or tighten their toe on the trigger of the .30-.30 they just jammed into their quackers (…)
— ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

Word of the Day: Discombobulate — to cause to be unclear in mind or intent; confuse

On the search page I added the list of categories a post belongs to. (When a search returns results, that is.)

Murder, she wrote

Around 10 pm Wednesday night while I was watching Cold Case, I hear commotion from outside and something that sounds like a scream. I peer out the window but see nothing. Half an hour later I hear sirens (police or ambulance, I never know which) and immediately think: Murder!

The “scream”, I’m sure, was a hysterical laugh and the sirens never got close but faded.

I’m at my grandparents’ at the moment. For an unknown period of time still. What have I done here? Well, on Wednesday I got my hair cut (– 10 cm), bought a lovely lovely book (Oxford’s dictionary of new words) and choco+mint coffee, got an umbrella (it started raining and Grandma and I didn’t have one with us — of course not). I’ve also got 2 biggish boxes full of old books (ahhh dictionaries! and all kind of wonderful language-related Grandpa put aside for me) cause my grandparents’ are moving quite a stretch and I tell you, they’ve got books. Lots and lots of wonderful books. So they’ve been giving some away to library, and of course to children and grandchildren.

I finished reading Pet Sematary on Wednesday (18.8.), luckily I can add it to my booklog from here, but the stars and things I’ll have to add when I get home. I’ll give it… *ponder* 4 stars? Yeah, it was a good one. King himself says it’s his most gruesome. After reading the foreword, I agree.

I also saw From a Buick 8 finally translated! I’ve been wondering where it’s been but, well, Grandma actually noticed it, there it was in the bookstore. Finnish title: Buick 8. Translated by Ilkka Rekiaro, who else?! This is just a note to self to add it to TGWLSK.

A little bit of QOTD:

The swamp was alive, but not with the sound of music
— Pet Sematary by Stephen King

:mrgreen: Just makes me think of Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge. Ahh…

Well, I think that’s all. I found another 6 ft 2 in quote in Pet Sematary I need to add to the Notebook at TGWLSK.

Gosh, being on a 800 x 600 screen with only IE makes me want to go home!!! Nah, I like it here. Besides, I haven’t had a dip in the lake yet.