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Achievement unlocked

Ahem, it’s been a while. For some reason I haven’t had proper inspiration to write — all the drafts I’ve started have shrivelled at the beginning. The topic of this short “I’m still around” post is not to blame, however. :)

Titanium rings

Achievement unlocked May 31

Announcing Minna 3.0, 32-bit version

It’s that time of the year again: I have to update my About page and footer to age++.

Christmas and New Year’s was snowless but I’m glad we finally got snow in January. It’s beautiful outside and, to top it off, there’s a full moon today! (Sorry to say I encountered a different kind of full moon yesterday… some people don’t wear belts or suspenders even if they should)

I’ve spoiled myself with too many Christmas (Saints Row IV) and birthday presents (limited edition Splinter Cell Blacklist) so I didn’t splurge today. (I’m not too old to be playing, am I?) It’s a workday today and tomorrow but maybe I’ll celebrate somehow someday…

Found & irreversibly lost

I like to imagine different scenarios. I’m really good at the coulda shoulda woulda and I often plan possible scripts of conversations I know I need to have (face-to-face or, especially, on the phone). I like to “plan” beforehand so I can more easily think on my feet, in a way, even though the real situation is of course different from what I had imagined.

Yesterday I found a cellphone on the bus on my way home from work. I took it to the driver because I figured they must have a lost&found. Later that night I started wondering what will happen to the phone: will they try and find the owner or will they just chuck the phone in a box labeled “Phones” and wait for the owner to contact them?

What if I would’ve tried to play Sherlock Holmes and investigate? Would the phone have been accessible and not locked? Would I have found the owner’s details in the phonebook or by calling myself to get the number and then by checking the directory service? Would they have lived nearby so I could’ve taken the phone straight to them? I would’ve walked up some stairs to their apartment, rang the doorbell, and asked if they’d lost a phone. Then I would’ve asked for distinguishing marks before giving them their phone back.

It was a nice phone, too. A black Nokia Lumia 920 (I think), just like the one I have, in a nice leather case. I wonder if the owner would’ve been nice too.

Now I’ll never find out.

The world is in high definition

When I was starting senior high school, my dad and I went to get ourselves new glasses (my first pair). I had trouble seeing far and I was supposed to wear the glasses to school. I never did. I ended up wearing them only for driving after my driving instructor asked if I had glasses when I had had trouble seeing a road sign in time at an intersection. Then in university I had to start wearing the glasses because the lecture rooms were big and a lot happened through the overhead projectors or on the chalkboard.

I’ve never worn the glasses outside so my world’s been slightly blurry. I have trouble seeing faces clearly and recognising people until they start waving at me. I luckily can catch a bus in time so I’ve been content. I sort of like the gentle blurry outlines of things.

A week ago I went and got new glasses because my old ones had burrowed a groove on my temples. (Although I don’t wear glasses all the time, I’ve got used to wearing them in front of the TV — which is quite often.) I had my eyes checked and was shocked when I heard the optometrist say “that’s bad.” I think — and certainly hope, because I don’t think my new numbers for correction are really that bad — he meant my eyesight had got worse (compared to 12–13 years ago!). It probably has but I think my first checkup might not have been as accurate as it could’ve and should’ve been: As crazy as it sounds, I had wanted to do well in the exam. I don’t know if it’s even possible to cheat in an eye exam because I don’t know what kind of things they really pay attention to, but I remember having to determine which way an E symbol was pointing and since I was able to see whether it was turned horizontally or vertically (albeit not seeing it clearly), there was a 50-50 chance I guessed correctly. Not once did I say that I didn’t see it properly.

This time the exam made more sense to me because I had to tell which lens out of two possibilities made texts clearer, and only once or twice did we check the board with alphabet to see whether I could read the bottom line (and boy, could I!).

Now I have brand new glasses. I tested them at home right away and for a while felt like I couldn’t walk a straight line (probably due to the slight astigmatism correction in my right eye which made everything wobble as I turned my head side-to-side) but luckily I soon got used to them. It’s weird to be able to read the backs of my books from far away and see the several digital clocks around the apartment without squinting.

Yesterday I took the glasses out for a spin — once I was pretty confident I would pass a test of walking in a straight line. And jeez how I was freaking out: I can see each individual spruce needle on the ground! I can see the faces of people standing far far away! I can see the bus’s number as soon as it appears from behind the trees! I can read small street signs! And at home, my god the standard definition channels look crappy and pixelated on my lovely HD TV! (Luckily, I found out that the DVR is to blame so I just have to get a new HD box which doesn’t cost much. Phew.)

The TV is a nice segway here: I had told the optometrist that I rarely wear my glasses, and he said that once I experience what it’s like to see clearly, I may change my mind about wearing them. He may’ve been right. Just like nowadays I can’t really stand watching an old tube TV (like the one my parents have), I think I may prefer the world in HD, too.

(Also, the frames are really cute :) )

That’s not pluperfect!

Aaaaagh, this is driving me crazy and I need to vent somewhere!

There was this dialogue in episode “Parent Trap…” of Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23:

— It’s a ton of work, and, frankly… Me encuentra un peu bukan zhongfu.
— Huh?
— That means “I’m feeling overwhelmed” in Spanish, French, and Mandarin. I really wanted to wing some Tagalog at you, but I don’t know the pluperfect.

There’s no pluperfect there! Or am I misunderstanding something?

Woman’s logic?

A chat with a co-worker today reminded me of this.

For our written exam in driving school we had to answer some questions based on photos of different traffic situations. There was one question I remember quite well: There was a photo of a two-lane gravel road in the middle of a summery forest. The road went straight ahead and turned left, and there was a traffic sign on the right telling that motor vehicles are allowed on the smaller road that followed.

The question was “can you drive straight ahead?”

I answered no — because there also was a bird on the right lane.

It was the wrong answer. Apparently I shouldn’t have paid attention to the bird.

Achievement unlocked: 30 years

Last Tuesday, quite appropriately, there was a newspaper article about famous 30-year-olds (and younger) and how much they’ve already achieved despite their young age.

Gee, thanks for cheering me up! I haven’t achieved squat.

I’m only joking; I’m not feeling particularly “age-crisis-y” (well, I’m writing this on Sunday, the day before, so let’s see how I’m thinking tomorrow) and I don’t even think I’m allowed to. 30 is nothing! I’m still a kid!

OK, checklist:
— Wrinkles? I can see two horizontal lines forming on the forehead but no prospective laugh lines (now, that’s weird) or anything like that.
— Greys? No genuine ones but I’ve had both white and black strands since I was a kid.
— Aches and pains? My legs are sore at the moment but that’s from cardio-boxing on Xbox Kinect…
— Skin on the back of my hand? Bounces right back.
— Grouchiness? No signs, I would say. (OK, I don’t seriously think old = grouchy ;) )
— Cats? None.

Let’s see what that list looks like in 5-10 years, but for now, happy 30th birthday me!

To each their own tune

Very often when I’m “on the road” by myself and not reading a book I listen to music on my cellphone. And at work if I’m having trouble concentrating I may listen to music quietly on the background.

I pretty much always listen to music on my way back from work because I’m too tired to read. Today when I was sitting on the bus and listening to music (Muse, Milow, and Maroon 5), I was shaking my foot to my tunes. Next I noticed a reflection in the window: the guy sitting in front of me, with earbuds on, was drumming his knee with his hand. I couldn’t help but smile.

I can easily imagine a future where most people walk around with headphones on. I’ve even seen groups of teen girls where everyone is listening to their own music (and trying to chat, ha). Or maybe they are listening to the same song. Social music playing could get popular so wouldn’t one-to-many Bluetooth pairings be great? Or cords with multiple pairs of headphones on the other end? Those would at least be much better than what these groups do now: listen to the songs from the loudspeaker. To the enjoyment of everyone around them.

Needs and wants

On a warm sunny day (that should strike as funny as you read on) last week I was faced with a problem I rarely — if ever, except with socks — face: I found two fitting pieces of clothing for the same purpose!

I was browsing the clothing department, not planning on finding anything (although always hopeful), when I came across a rack marked Season Sale. It had a few different types and colours of winter coats in the few remaining sizes.

I found a nice, practical grey coat — I actually had been looking to replace my old one. Then, there also was this lovely red coat. I knew I would get the grey one but I couldn’t possibly justify buying both, could I?

But the red was so nice!

After trying them on, I stood there, looking at the coats, thinking, looking at the price tags (not too expensive!). And then I asked Grandma for help (we were shopping together). She obviously opted for the red because she would do anything to get some colour on me.

So I did it. I got them both! Now I’m hoping they at least suit for different weathers (the red is shorter and slightly smaller, i.e. I can’t wear much extra under it, so it’s hopefully light enough for the milder degrees).

Once again, I’m looking forward to winter!

Grey and red winter coat

I feel pretty, oh so pretty... ;)

Talking about needs… I’ve “needed” quite a lot of Xbox games lately: first Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Fable II, and, as the latest addition to my game library, Fallout 3 GOTY. The thumbs, y’know. Still working on the thumbs.

Look what the boot dragged in

Ever since I found out I should try and use woolly socks in boots that have the tendency to destroy my feet, I’ve been looking forward to cold enough a weather to start breaking in my brand-new jungle boots and older-but-hardly-used combat boots.

It is slowly getting there but I couldn’t wait anymore. Hello, darlings:

Combat boot

Steel capped boots, for combatting... people who try to cut me in line?

(It’s the same pair of socks as in the photo of my jungle boots. I have a ton — or at least a couple of kilos — of woolly socks and I don’t even like blue, but those seem a good thickness. I will have to experiment.)

The boots are lovely but man, the amount of stuff they accumulate! Gravel, leaves, plums… When I got home today I noticed a twig roughly the size of a pinkie sticking out.


Loot of the day

What’s next? Dead squirrels?