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Amadeus, “Ami”, is our Chinese Crested, “powder puff” variation. He was born on September 7, 2004 and he arrived here on November 5th.

Business idea

The other day I dropped by a pet store to get something for our doggy. He seems to like anything that smells horrible to humans.

In many stores we have one or two opened packages of perfumes, makeup etc. (called testers) for shoppers to test the product. While I was looking at the sealed packages at the pet store and trying to determine smell just by looking at them I started hoping for a pet food tester…

I couldn’t decide which was the smelliest so I picked up some of

Shameless plug

Our dog has a blog and even though I rarely write in it, I wanted to give it some time in the limelight. Well, it may be permanent – that box on the main page. There are some pretty photos and cool changing header image on the site. :) It’s a sort of sandbox for WP stuff — the rare occasions I have the energy to play with it (nowadays — or currently).

Hope you like it.

Random cuteness

I made a random header image script for

<?php // Random header image
/* there are 3 pictures to choose from, so number is either 0, 1 or 2 */
$i = rand(0,2);
if ( $i == 0 ) { ?>
  <img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/images/header_01.jpg” alt=”Caramel Ears” />
<?php } else if ( $i == 1 ) { ?>
  <img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/images/set2/header_01.jpg” alt=”Caramel Ears” />
<?php } else if ( $i == 2 ) { ?>
  <img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/images/set3/header_01.jpg” alt=”Caramel Ears” />
<?php } ?>

As there is also the horizontal menu that has part of the image as a background, I had to move that bit of CSS from the style sheet file to the index file:

<div id=”nav” style=”background-image:url(<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/images/<?php if ($i == 1) { ?>set2/<?php } else if ($i == 2 ) { ?>set3/<?php } ?>header_02.jpg);”>

That’s a bit crammed but I didn’t want to make it as long and elaborate as for the header image.

Anyway, this post wasn’t about my amazing coding abilities :razz: but the pictures: GO SEE! [site has been removed]

Friendly banana

My eyes are closing… I woke up around 8:30/9:00 to be in time to sign into a computer class (and I got in! Hurraah) , yesterday I was woken up at 7:45 by a plumber drilling (or something) right behind the wall where my bed+head is. Today (that’d be Thursday) I’m going to see Grudge with my sister, right after work above all. Guess who’ll be knackered.

Today — I mean yesterday, Wed — we took Amadeus to the vet to get his 2nd vaccinations and a microchip. I wrote all about it on Ami’s site.

Yesterday, I mean Tuesday, I got a new roommate at work. I’m glad the previous went (got his dissertation done, I guess) because I probably would’ve freaked out at the next “would you pleeeease close the door if you leave” (of course, I wouldn’t have, but I need to say I would). This new roommate of mine speaks English. Uh oh. Me and English is like a mouth and a hot potato. Anyway, I don’t know much about her yet. Today, I mean Wednesday, she got a new computer (a fancy black one, lucky her). The computer guy promised I’d be getting mine soon.

Oh yeah, I’m getting a new computer at work. The guys, or one of them, had quite a list of features they need (tons of Ghz, tons of Gb, CD/DVD burner (eh, what are you planning to do? Rip movies?), optical/wireless mouse, huge flat screen………), and I would just like some extra memory and a bit faster computer (now I have 900 Mhz, and probably 256 or 512 Mb memory, at work that is) — it’s not like we’re getting to keep the machines. Boys and toys, right? :)
I did request to get both Windows and Linux installed because the computer guy specifically asked (good thing he asked, I want Linux too). But that’s it.

Tod… ok ok, yesterday I got a banana. Not any regular banana but a friendly banana. Thanks S., I owe you a banana. :mrgreen:

Photogenic pooch

Picture time at last!!

Amadeus and a ball of yarn

Amadeus and a swing

Amadeus and his favourite pastime — as if his breath wasn’t bad enough
Amadeus and a shoe

Sorry about the purple background; different theme was in use back then…


Parents of young children always seem talk about the colour and consistency of their offsprings’ excrement. I’ve also noticed that Finns are way too eager to talk about their bowel movement anyway.

Well, going outside to our back or front yard has been a shock, a horror, and a paralyzing experience for Ami. Today, however, my sister (equipped with a winter jacket, a hat, gloves, a scarf, a forehead flashlight, a commando hat, ….) and I (equipped with sandals, a jacket, and a leash) took Ami outside — front lawn this time because there’re street lamps there. He sniffed some, ate some gawd-knows-what (leaves and pebbles), shivered some, whimpered some. Finally, he also squatted some. That’s right, he doesn’t lift his leg yet… That was his 1st time doing business outside! It’s about time, the newspapers inside have started to resemble yellow ponds…

I feel like cutting off my feet

This morning I was really busy and shuffling around to get my coffee and toast and get to the bus stop in time (bloody bus drivers’ strike keeps me on edge). Suddenly Amadeus ran whining under the dining-room table. I had apparently kicked him. Mum noticed he was limping a bit but when I touched his paw and squeezed and felt it a little he didn’t complain at all. I had to run but now I can’t concentrate on anything.

I feel sick in the stomach. I just hope Mum’ll send me a message telling Ami’s all right.


[edit @ 10:48] Mum sent a message (or Ami, actually :wink: ) telling that he’s alright. Phew. [/edit]

Prince Charming

Amadeus, 8 weeks old

Here’s Amadeus at 8 weeks old, just before he arrived here.
That’s not my hand, it’s my sister’s.


He arrived on Friday night. Amadeus.

A shaky white bundle of fluff, unsteady on his feet but eager and quick to run around. He enjoys sleeping in someone’s lap, but also whenever someone stands or sits in one place for too long, there he comes, lies down and sets his head comfortably (for him) on one’s foot.

He likes eating fingers and toes (with or without socks; the smellier the better, it seems), my funny zigzag-hemmed shirt is extremely interesting as well as the fringes on the carpet and table cloths.

Sometimes he gets “crazy fits” and races around, growls in a cute baby voice and shows the toy mouse who’s who.

There’ll be photos, I promise.

Meet Amadeus


There he is. And on Friday he’ll be here.