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Achievement unlocked

Ahem, it’s been a while. For some reason I haven’t had proper inspiration to write — all the drafts I’ve started have shrivelled at the beginning. The topic of this short “I’m still around” post is not to blame, however. :)

Titanium rings

Achievement unlocked May 31

Upgrade whoopsie

I don’t know if you noticed it at all, but this definitely wasn’t my intention:

Links to (odd) people

During the upgrade, link and post categories were merged (stupid feature; at least I don’t understand it yet) and I had two identical slugs for my post category “(Odd) People” and my link category “People”. WP merged the two and kept the post category title, causing slightly embarrassing sight.

Now, I don’t consider ‘odd’ a bad thing to be, quite the opposite, but if you were offended, I do apologise.

Promotion to a superlative

This post is the first in my new category, PM.

I feel so special now. :)

I do it with books

Ctrl Alt Del comic

Everybody loves spring, right?

Ctrl + Alt + Del comic

My thoughts exactly. :laugh:

Why I love PCs

Now, this is why I stick to PCs:

Ctrl Alt Del comic — Mac gamer

[Ctrl Alt Del]

I recommend reading all of Ctrl+Alt+Del. The comics are wonderfully geeky.


I’m the webmistress of my aunt’s website (for a stable) and I’m currently updating the photo section. There was a new photo to add with their horse and a donkey — and an enormous pile of doo-doo.

Living the last day of my Photoshop trial I decided to use the Healing Brush Tool (don’t know if Adobe Elements has it, I hope so), so I wiped the pile (no pun intended) off the photo. I hope it’s ok with my aunt. :)

Doo before

Doo after

Quaint, isn’t it?

Dancing with the triplets

Vampire Bloodlines cover Recently I’ve been playing Vampire The Masquerade — Bloodlines. It’s RPG which isn’t my favourite genre, but hey, it’s vampires!!

It’s a very interesting game. Games don’t usually freak me out (except for the piranhas that were in my face in Pharaoh), but when I went to pick a lock to a haunted house and a light crackled above my head with electricity… I jumped. And in the house when I was happily walking in the narrow basement corridors, I came to crossroads and a ghost runs past. Yeeep.

I’ve taken a seduction, persuasion, talk-my-way-out-of-it approach to the game so some of the necessary fights have been pretty difficult. There are a few unfinished quests because I’ve found the bad guys to be a bit too tough for me. I’ll get back to them after collecting a bit more experience points.

Today I was jamming at the local disco, Asylum:

Dancing with the triplets
Vampire: Triplets

Another set of triplets
Vampire: Triplets

… and this guy …
Vampire: This guy