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Thank god for AD-41

I sit down in the train after speeding in a hurry through the town on a mission – I need to get something for my godson. Suddenly a noisy flock of finnsvenskarna, Swedish-speaking Finns, comes trampling down the corridor. Oh no! They sit in the 4+4 seats smack in front of me.

I start digging through my backbag – I must’ve brought my earphones, I must’ve! (I had to make a quick switch of bags in the morning when I realised I couldn’t fit everything in my other bag.) I finally found them in a pocket I didn’t remember having.

I have nothing personally against Swedish-speaking Finns, but because the language is “foreign” I can’t block it out as effectively — the Finnish words in the middle make it worse.

And let’s be honest: they’re loud. :-)

Anyway, I hope you have a nice weekend. I’ll be in the middle of dogs, horses, kids, and a donkey.

Things you may not want to be caught listening to on the street

I was standing on the escalator coming from the subway. Listening to music on my mobile. All of a sudden the music stopped and I thought I’d accidentally hit the pause or stop button on the remote. I kept walking, thinking I’d fix it when I get to the bus stop (I was in a hurry).

Suddenly I realised the music — Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake — was playing on the loudspeaker!! It took me a few fumbling moments to shut it up.

The phones should definitely refuse to play music from the loudspeaker unless it’s specifically activated by the user.

Or maybe I should just listen to less embarrassing songs…

Do you have an artist, a song, or a music style you like, which you rather keep to yourself?

N73 in use: Silence of the Multimedia key

On the right side of the keypad there is a special key, the so-called Multimedia key where you can add four more shortcuts. Unfortunately it makes an awful noise when pressed which is why I never use it.

I’ve tried silencing it: I’ve looked for a sound file to delete (no luck), I’ve tried making the settings the same as in Beep or Silence mode where the Multimedia key is silent (no luck). Well, now I swapped my own profile with the Beep profile and I finally get a silent Multimedia key!

Is there really no other way to get the key to SHUT UP except for this “hack”?

[Edit Jan 20th] Boy, do I feel stupid now. :razz: Thanks to Antony for commenting and pointing out that there is a simple option for turning the sounds off:

Turn off Multimedia key sounds

Shh, can you hear that? Neither can I! Oh sweet silence. I go hide in my n00b hole now…

Moblogging my way

Thank you il Filosofo! Now I can blog from my mobile the way I want: not via email (a haven for spam), not through a WAP page (I want to make the most of this amazing screen) and definitely not through an external service. The fancy WP admin interface prevented me from posting an image as I learned the last time, but while I was doing research on various ways to moblog I stumbled across Old-Style Upload plugin. Now I can upload images directly from the phone!

Old-style upload interface

Now, if only I knew how to copy the image path from the browser…

What’s lazier than lazy?

Writing a blog post on your mobile while your computer is 6 metres away.

Today I’ve been mobile surfing a lot and as I was thinking of turning on the computer and checking my Uni mail, I couldn’t be bothered! So here I am, thumbing away. Let’s see if I manage to upload a screenshot of this…

OK, can’t do that. I’ll have to upload the picture when I’m on the computer tomorrow. I wonder if there is a mobile-able blogging interface…

Here it is!

Blogging on the phone