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Fanlisting checkup

[A quick-check list for myself so I don’t always check the ones that are ok]
I don’t dare mail/fill in a form so many times but my url has been different since January and many still lists my old info. I don’t know what to do :sad:

Still with my old/faulty info:
Classic adventure games (probably not active)
Brendan Fraser
The Ring
Matrix Reloaded (old fl)
Teachers (probably not active)
Naked Chef (Jamie Oliver’s show)
XF Game
Dark Tower (no http:// in front of my url so it gets added to the site’s base url)

Site not working:
Staying up late
xD smiley
Old url NEW URL: Max Payne 2 [OK; 6/10]
WordPress [OK; 18/9]

Hopefully pending:
Dawson’s Creek

Not too shabby, considering I’ve joined quite a few…

Re-joined The Matrix fanlisting (it had moved so often that I didn’t have the correct url (the url I had seemed to be having MySQL problems) and so I had been kicked out, I’d imagine :mrgreen:)
Also, re-joined Jamie Oliver fanlisting

I’ve been wanting to join the Mozilla fanlisting but the site hasn’t been working for ages… at least not for me.

A little woo hoo to top this all off (off topic, though): only a little over a week to wait and then Dark Tower VII is published!!! \o/

@ 1:14
I just remembered. This morning when I woke up, I had just got a little folded note in my dream, and it had said “Get help.” The extreme subliminal message? *cracks up*

@ 1:25
I know I know, it’s getting late and I should go to sleep (I have a lecture at 4 pm tomorrow, mind you). Just this last thing…
Blogging Personality Quiz

I am The Pundit!
I like to blog about a specific topic of interest that I am passionate about – be it business, politics, technology, law, education, entertainment, or literature. I blog regularly and I welcome relevant discussions about my topic. I have a constant thirst for knowledge.

Kick yer MTs and Bloggers to the curve

I’m always thinking “now, where’s that page that looked like this and this and this” (or any info I need: “what did the text say under the picture on page so-and-so, on the right hand side corner below the title such-and-such” A slight case of photographic memory I guess. Only I don’t always *remember* the things I can see in my mind’s eye.)

WordPress references for me and you:

I installed a Breadcrumb plugin. I was going to add headers on the category pages but remembered this and thought it could be niftier. It doesn’t show on the main page but if you go to different archives or categories it shows where you are. On a single post’s page it shows all the categories the post belongs to in a comma separated list.

I also hacked a forget user info (from Scriptygoddess) option to the comments. I don’t like forms remembering my information and WordPress sets a cookie as a default.

Joined David Copperfield fanlisting. Today there was a “David Copperfield — Greatest escapes” on TV (Gawd, he’s cute! And funny). In 1997 I saw Copperfield in Finland (and he’s coming here again this December). After the show I’d written in my diary that I was feeling very unreal. It was a wonderful performance with his flying and getting-sawn-in-two and others that I can’t remember. In the tv show he said that after some outsider had shouted “move your feet” after the saw had cut Copperfield in two, they had a crew member shout the same thing in every show after that. I can’t remember if that was in the performance I saw.

The tour then was called Dreams and Nightmares and I started my dream diary soon after that. Named it “Dreams and Nightmares”.

Shop till I drop

Today I bought two new Kings: Salem’s Lot and Needful Things. (That means updates at TGWLSK.) I was supposed to buy hard-back Song of Susannah too but I got scroogy cause I’d bought soooooo much already (nothing interesting though).

Tomorrow I’m off to my grandparents’. I’m travelling by train, Pendolino, a super quick one if only it’d work this time. Last summer the mechanism that allows the train go fast was broken so it had to travel at normal speed. When the new trains first started running, a door was sucked off by the speed. Nice going. And tomorrow’s Friday 13th… Good thing I’m not superstitious. Let’s hope the person controlling the train isn’t either.

I’ll be gone for about a week, I’d imagine.

I haven’t started packing yet, and I have to wrap some books in book plastic (I don’t read paperback books (or in my case “backpack books” ) without the plastic) before I get too tired to do that.

@ 22:45
Joined Words fanlisting

The white screen of death

Last night, around 1:50 I finally got to the Final Boss Fight in Beyond Good & Evil. I fought the darn thing for about half an hour and finally after a whole lotta K-Bups and going through the “choreography” over and over (I ended up playing with my eyes closed — hey, I was tired! :) ) I beat it! The end movie begins, good. And then, no voices, screen fades to white. The background music seems stuck. Nothing happens. I hit del, esc, any key. Nada. :evil: Ctrl + Alt + Del opens the program list, luckily. It was 2:20 then and I couldn’t stay awake anymore so I had to leave it at that.

This afternoon I decided to try it again. There had been a saving point just before the final battle but that was alright. <irony>I knew it by heart anyway…</irony> This time it took me 10 minutes to beat, not flawlessly though. And this time the end movie worked. *phew*

So, now I can say I beat Beyond Good & Evil.

I joined BG&E fanlisting, by the way.

Cute little thief

Today at the grocery store a little boy snatched my packet of minced meat. He was so quick that I didn’t even notice. I was packing the things into the shopping bag and the packet had disappeared. The cashier noticed that the boy had something in his hand (he was a kid to the lady next in line). It turned out that they had a similar package. Hard working shop assistant I must say. :mrgreen:

@ 21:05
Joined Dreamweaver fanlisting.
It’s called WYSIWYG but I’ve never thought of Dreamweaver as wysiwyg… Although it really is what-you-see-is-what-you-get and no extra crap. (I haven’t used it exclusively as wysiwyg so I don’t know how it handles the adding and removing and moving of code.)

Now I’m gonna go watch 2001 Space Travesty. Ta ta!

Old entries converted

I converted all my old entries (powered by coffee and noodles) to Greymatter. I’m still checking that everything is the way it should be, but there are some links (when I refer to an earlier entry) that I haven’t checked. But all in all, everything *works* and that’s the main thing. There might be some smileys hiding that didn’t convert to GM smileys (all my x) and xD smileys for which there isn’t a picture smiley).

@ 23:55
Joined Emoticons fanlisting
Oh, and the referring links are now checked. Only smileys might remain

Touching passage

I was reading Black House in the bus today (on the way home) and there was this short passage that somehow got to me. I don’t know why. But it’s unbelievably sweet.

Scenario: Jack Sawyer (familiar from The Talisman) is meeting the wife of Fred Marshall at a mental hospital. The elderly woman is one of the patients and a nurse had told Jack about her condition before they (Jack and Fred) went in.

   “Especial–” Before he can finish the question, an elderly woman with a lined, sweet face appears beside him and touches his shoulder.
   “Excuse me.” She tucks her chin toward her throat with the shyness of a child. “I want to ask you a question. Are you my father?”
   Jack smiles at her. “Let me ask you a question first. Is your name Estelle Packard?”
   Eyes shining, the old woman nods.
   “Then yes, I am your father.”
   Estelle Packard clasps her hands in front of her mouth, dips her head in a bow, and shuffles backward, glowing with pleasure. When she is nine or ten feet away, she gives Jack a little bye-bye wave of one hand and twirls away.
— Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub

@ 21:31
Joined Greymatter fanlisting

Lara Croft and the Chipmunks

Updates: Notes on Carrie in TGWLSK
I started playing Unreal II after I got stuck in an annoying place in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (if you’ve played it: I’m stuck at the Ghost part… not because of the ghost but because of the damn picture…). TRAOD is a good game adventure wise (lots to play) but very bad quality wise. It has lots of bugs, suddenly Lara’s leg disappears and is replaced by a funny line that goes diagonally from her waist to the ground (I should take a screenshot the next time that happens…) or she shakes uncontrollably when she’s crawling under something (or running/walking up/down the stairs in a not straight line). Also, she goes nuts when she has a gun drawn (and there’s an enemy nearby) — automatic aim is not always a good thing I’ve noticed. Especially when it’s badly done. It’s VERY annoying when the enemy is somewhere below you… And, of course — there was the chipmunk + Lara thing (speech going too fast) which I got fixed though (by tinkering with the DirectX settings.
As I told a friend of mine, the game designers were probably concentrating on something else than the overall quality of the game (namely, the jeans-covered quality of Lara’s behind…).

STILL listening: Maroon 5 This Love

Last night I dreamt that we got a new dog — a white poodle that I suggested we’d name Simone (I just realized… it’s almost like Simon (name of my computer)). Dad’s been telling how he’s seen very cute bichon frishés; one of his colleagues (at least) has bichons and sometimes they visit the office — I saw one last summer.

Grhm… and I was going to refrain from babbling… (at first there *was* only that line about the update)

@ 20:55
Updates: Fanlisting check and I joined Brad Pitt fanlisting; I’m a real convert. I used to think he was only a pretty face along with Johnny Depp (and he’s really good too!) and Tom Cruise (still can’t stand *him*…) but he’s REALLY GOOD! Especially when he has to fake an accent. :) I mean *act* an accent.

I’ve also started liking Kiefer Sutherland because of 24 (2nd season)…

Critics should check their resources

I’m living in yesterday… Anywhooo.

Updates: FINALLY a Splinter Cell Fanlisting; I was this –> <– close to starting my own…

Been very tired today. Slow start in the morning. Don’t know why though cause I slept perhaps for… about 6 hours. Maybe it’s the sleep deficiency from the beginning of the week.

Oy vey! A tv critic claimed in the newspaper today that the Sleepwalkers is based on a Stephen King book that “experts say is thicker than Xmas ham”. And what book might that be, Mr. Critic?

Started playing Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness today because my sister stole the Morrowind…….. I had problems with the sound though (think of chipmunks and Lara…) but I found a tip how to fix that so I’ll try with better luck tomorrow or w/end.

Tomorrow I’ll be moving to a new desk at work. I’ve been separated from the other people working on the same project so I’m really out of the loop. :) I mean, they should be telling me what they need from the ontology. I’ll also get my hands on the parser soon.
Hopefully my lunchbuddies will remember me even though I won’t be on their way… If they don’t, I’ll be eating 1 choco cookie per day for lunch…

Announcement: Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah out in 5 days (June 8)! And DT VII: The Dark Tower is coming out on September 21 — King’s birthday :)

If Meredith chooses Ian tomorrow in the Bachelorette, I’m going to cry! Not of happiness!

Sad story

Word of the Day: Meh – verbal equivalent of a shrug, means indifference (and other similar things). I’d never seen that word written before last night and I think it’s so comical. I don’t know know why, maybe I connect it with something funny where I’ve heard it. A bit like ‘knackered’ makes me always think of Jamie Oliver and when I see the word I can “hear” him say it :)

There was a truck parked on our neighbour’s front lawn for quite some time (since autumn) and a bird had made a nest under it. Mum told me that yesterday when they came to tow the truck away after it wouldn’t start, the bird was just going to take a worm to the “kids” but it didn’t dare go near the truck cause there were people around. After they towed the truck away the mother bird didn’t understand where the nest had gone and it kept flying around the place where the truck had been. That’s so sad. :cry:

Updates: Joined Blue Cheese Fanlisting
Day 4 without my TV: Watched ER and taped some new restaurant reality tv show thingy… Rocco something [edit] never got around watching it though[/edit]. No problemo.

@ 23:54
Decided to try a step bigger font for all things me; it means that the pages are longer but at least you can see better :)

Started playing Morrowind (Elder Scrolls III) today. I haven’t played much RPG (Final Fantasy 8 only I guess — on Play Station 1) cause I don’t really find it interesting, but I have to try. The game has been sitting in the shelf for ages. (hmm… as if I didn’t have enough games installed on my computer already…)