Updates: Joined a web design fanlisting; new book titles in different languages at TGWLSK; a new quiz winner and a new quiz award for me at XAMM; and obviously this thingy right here at all things me.

I was reading about different web logs and about Perl and mySQL and whatnot — and thought “naaaah”. I’m not a crazy blogger (not a reference to that one particular service) and there’s not even much to write about, but I wanted to do something new again. This’ll be my “updates and what not” page cause sometimes the updates don’t fit in the window with the “fancy” code form they’re in now, and at least with this sort if thing I can have a scrollbar and I don’t have to be embarrassed about it! :)

All the date+times have a link to the Haloscan commenting [pop-up], but I know no one will ever write to them anyway so I’ll combine them under the same “blog” title…

Hmm, let’s see… Thursdays are odd days. No matter how much I sleep (last night luxurious 7-8 hours…) I always get really tired during the 13-16 lecture (NOT because of the teacher). Today I had context free parsing methods and the DCG grammars with annoying Prolog difference lists didn’t make any sense [don’t laugh you geek… :P ]… In the morning (10-12) I had Changing English and the topic was dialects, especially Scottish. Made me realize that maybe it’s not Scottish accent I like so much, it could be Irish. I’ll know that next week (topic: Irish dialect). Before context free parsing methods I sat at the department and finished my ruminations on chart parsing (an assignment of the same course).

Whoops, I blabbered.

[edit: June 27] Ultimately I did cave in and chose Greymatter and there are no Haloscan comments anymore cause GM has its own commenting system [/edit]
[edit: July 12] Well, GM actually used perl which I had sworn to keep away from (then again, I like perl) but now I’ve even given in to MySQL!! What next?! Pink socks?! [/edit]