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I got a brand new computer as a Christmas present in 2019.
It’s called LeChuck because the chassis is a red Corsair (ship logo).
— AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 6 cores, 3.60 Ghz
— 16GB RAM
GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER (was GeForce GTX 1070)
— curved 27″ display
— Corsair K55 keyboard

Acer Aspire M5300 aka “Angus” (bought Jan 3, 2010)
— AMD Phenom II X3
— 1 TB hard drive
— nVidia GeForce GTS240 (2GB)
— 19″ LCD display (5:4)
— Razer Lycosa keyboard


I’m currently using an Acer Chromebook.

Past Computers

Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo 600, “Simon” (bought in 2001, I believe)
— AMD Athlon XP 1600+ (1.4 Ghz)
— 80 Gb
— 512 Mb memory
— Radeon 9600 Pro, 128 Mb

Scaleo Tix P4 aka “Sullivan” (bought July 30, 2005)
— Intel Pentium 4 (3.2 Ghz)
— 1024 Mb DDR RAM
— 200 Gb
— nVidia Geforce 6600, 256 Mb in PCI Express port

Acer Aspire One aka “Alvin” (bought Dec 19, 2008)
— white, customised to metallic red
— Intel Atom N270
— 8 GB SSD + 8 GB SD card
— 512 MB DDR2 RAM
— running Meego
It came pre-installed with Linpus, then I installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix/Heron, also tested Linux Mint, and then vanilla Ubuntu (Jackalope and Koala).

Lenovo Miix 3 aka “Melvin” (bought July 14, 2015)

Microsoft Surface RT aka “Shamus” (bought Sep 9, 2013)

Mobile phones

Mobile phone related posts in category Mobile phones and more about my foray into the world of smartphones with my dear N73 in the subcategory N73 in use.

Currently fondling a Samsung Galaxy S20, Jan 2, 2021

I bought my very first mobile phone on my very first proper summer job paycheck. It was a Nokia, of course.

Nokia 3210, summer of 2000 — June 2 2001
Nokia 3210

3210 was an excellent phone. Very sturdy and weighed just enough. Some new devices feel like toy phones (for example the 5300 music phone) but 3210 felt like a super Gadget.

Nokia 3330, June 2 2001 — Jan 14 2006
Nokia 3330

I got Nokia 3330 as a graduation present. It was a good phone, with a good Snake II game. :) I had to buy a new battery for it right away because the original was probably faulty (emptied very quickly). There had been a battery problem with a batch of 3330s. I decided to buy a new phone (Nokia 6101) when I got tired of the monochrome screen and the battery had started to “leak” again. I had this for 4.5 years. Not bad.

Nokia 6101, Jan 14 2006 — Oct 7./16 2006
Nokia 6101

I did lots of “research” and couldn’t get Nokia 6101 out of my head. I compared it to lots of other Nokia models but it just looked so nice. I also had to try a clamshell phone even though some of my friends told me they didn’t like them. Well, they have man-hands — maybe small clamshells fit better for women. I bought this as a bit of a birthday present.

The main gripe about this phone is that it got too popular. And because it has a distinctive look it’s easier to spot all those people who have the same phone as I do. I never minded the external antenna even though some people couldn’t understand why it has to be there. I found it very handy because it made it easier to pick the phone up from the phone pocket in my bag. The clam function was nice and snappy and the buttons amazingly large. Another gripe was the pre-installed carrier software which showed up as a logo when the phone was turned on/off, and also when the cover was open, a carrier-specific background showed up on the mini screen. I wouldn’t have minded it if it wasn’t a wrong carrier.

Nokia N73, Oct 7 or Oct 16, 2006 — Oct 2010
Nokia N73

I started talking about buying Nokia N73 in August 2006. And boy did I talk about it… Sure, it would’ve been a big investment (at the time the phone was around 600 €) so I had to think “do I dare.” I thought about it thoroughly, wrote down all sorts of questions and visited the Nokia store to get answers to them. In October I ended up buying a SIM-locked phone in a package deal because I was planning on switching the carrier anyway.

Now, this is my kinda phone, or should I say ‘multimedia computer’. I fell in love with how N73 looks compared to all the other Nseries phones, and the lens cover is just magnificent! S60 is certainly the platform for me — it’s expandable, customisable, and I just love it how a phone is not just a phone (luckily it works as a phone anyway). After buying N73 I’ve started getting curious about all things happening in the mobile world (new models etc.). As I’ve said many many times, the active idle screen is heaven-sent.

N900, Oct 16, 2010 — Dec 24, 2012
The news that N900 would, eventually, have the possibility to dual-boot to Meego OS helped me make up my mind after a year of lusting after the N900. But, as it turned out, Meego never really came but I don’t mind. N900 served me well up until there came a Windows Phone too good to pass up on. And N900 still serves me well as a backup alarm clock because I have heard a Lumia may suddenly turn off and not alert you in the morning…

Nokia Lumia 920, Dec 24, 2012 — ??
borrowed Nokia Lumia 620(?) after 920 died on me
Nokia 8, — Dec 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, Jan 2, 2021 —

Game consoles

Xbox 360 + Kinect

Oh no, I did it. I bought a console. (Jan 22, 2011)
Happy 29th birthday to me.

Xbox One

Had to get the next gen console in 2013 because of Halo Guardians.

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