New layout for TGWLSK

Updates: New layout at The Girl Who Loved Stephen King; and of course, new text under “Current layouts” for TGWLSK at all things me (Domain/Site).

Matrix Revolutions came out today on DVD. I didn’t see it at the cinema (bad girl! bad girl!) and I probably would’ve bought it today if I’d had any lectures but I didn’t, so I spent the day at home with the Stephen King site. Maybe on Monday…

As if I hadn’t joined enough fanlistings already

Updates: It was actually yesterday (not April 2) when I published my new SK site — oh well :) Joined two fanlistings: On Writing and Eyes of the Dragon, both books by Stephen King

@ 18:39
Been doing: Made a very cool (if I may say :) ) layout for my sister’s live-roleplaying game. It’s a temporary page until she (pulls herself together and…) gets around deciding what kind of a site she wants for herself (the game site is only a subpage, or it will be). Apparently, she doesn’t want the old site moved to a new address, but she wants to make changes and decide which drawings are going to be there.

I did pull *myself* together and installed Apache Ant and even looked through some .xml files for my bachelor’s thesis. I still have a pile of assignments due April 8th — most terrifying of all, the adventure game.

Sleep is futile

Sometimes I’d need a “couple” more hours in a day. Or at least in *my* day. I’ve been translating computery stuff to Swedish, looking for a Swedish morphology (-logical) generator (I’ll probably leave it be), AND last but not least, trying to figure out something intelligent to say today when I’m meeting my professor conserning the bachelor’s thesis. :D But I can’t see straight, ergo I can’t think straight. Ergo I probably should go to bed. Blah, such a waste of time. :D

Been listening: can you guess…. the lovely song from Chocolat!! (cf. previous *blows kisses to Grasshopper* :P ) “Vianne sets up shop” this is called. Maybe I should borrow the CD from a library.

*YAWN*   *dislocated jaw*   *AAAAAAGH*
:laugh: Ergo nightnight

@ 18:21
Updates: I passed Chaser. Good game… a bit pointless last level. What next? I have NO idea cause I don’t think XIII is arriving any time soon (we’ll get it from a game club at the end of this month)
Been buying: Matrix Revolutions DVD :)

Easter holidays!! (in theory…)

I’ve been writing the adventure game (in Prolog) all night (since about 8:30pm) but I can’t stay awake anymore (not even with the help of Pepsi Max; I haven’t drunk any sodas for a looooooooooong time, bleurgh). I’m getting old! :D I have to have the assignment (+ another one, but that’s done already) ready today. So I have time till midnight. I don’t think the prof is that strict on the deadline though, but anyway. Yay. The game is coming alone quite nicely. And in the weekend, I can relax and watch my new DVD

  write('Good morning!').
  write('G'day! :)').
  write('Good night!').

Not actual, working code :D

From 39 to 36 — overnight

I’m talking about body temperature. Yesterday I had a “nice” fever, probably the day before as well, but no one noticed I was sick (I only slept all day… hello!) and made me check the temperature. Well, anyway, yesterday my sister made me measure my temperature and it was 39 and a bit more. This morning it was 36 instead (I took a flu/fever medicine last night), better, but I feel a bit woozy. Mainly probably because I haven’t eaten much, I’ve just been drinking juice. Now I’m hungry but don’t feel like eating.
I don’t know what brought this on… Was it Thu-Fri night when I (even though I went to bed soon after 2:30 am (see previous blog)) got to sleep from about 6 am till 10-11 am (bloody programming, whirled in my head all night and I was too tired to read to get it out) or did I just catch it from somewhere? I don’t know.

Oh well, watched the Matrix Revolutions yesterday. I was surprised how monotonous all their speaking was. I didn’t remember it was like that! And the slo-mo bunch (Neo hits Smith in the Burly Brawl). Oh my gawd, I didn’t know Matrix was a comedy! Anyway, it is a good movie, it’s Matrix after all. And Keanu Reeves is in it. :P

Even more fanlistings…

Updates: Joined a couple of fanlistings again :laugh: I know, addicted — Transparent scrollbars, (a bit of a mistake but I like the site anyhow… great link centre and I’m thinking of applying for a fanlisting but I’m not sure if I have what it takes :D )

I think I’ve got rid of the fever. Yay \o/

Good news! For me

Today I got a confirmation that I will be working at the department of general linguistics for the summer. Two months in total (June, July) because I have to be a godmother, too. :) It’s not certain yet whether it’ll be a regular summer job or a trainee position. Training means that I have to write a report on it so the work has to be “reportable”. I was told by a professor that I could do terminology work (multilingual computer terms) and I hope — if I do end up doing the work as a training — it is reportable. But anyway, yay \o/
AND, if the current course assistant for a docent of ours has a tight schedule next autumn (I think she’s starting her 5th year) I might get the position of a course assistant. She (the course assistant) had recommended me. :) There’ll be an official period of application, though. *fingers crossed*

Job news

Bought Hearts in Atlantis DVD –> Updates at TGWLSK. I also watched it today; very good movie, sweet… and good actors (Anthony Hopkins and Anton Yelchin who plays the young Bobby).

*Today* I got a confirmation on what I’ll be doing for the summer and that it’ll be training, which means I have to make a report on my work and I get 2 credits. At least after the summer the training will be done so I don’t have to worry about it later.

Spirit of Stephen King

Like my sister said, The spirit of Stephen King guided me. Yup, it probably did :) Last night I was channel surfing and started looking at the start credits of a movie on the Estonian Channel 2. Lo and behold, it says “Based on the book by Stephen King” and I gasp. When I watch a little more I realize it’s The Stand!! (I guessed it from the first scene) I don’t know if this was the first episode (Larry and Nadine met for the first time and Flagg let Lloyd out of jail and Trash blew up some Cheery Oil tanks). But I sure hope it was the 1st. I’m not taping it because the picture is very bad but at least I get to see it! And mayhap :P (sorry, King uses that a lot…) the mystery of M-O-O-N in my head will be solved.

Ps. Did you know that ‘lo’ means ‘see’.

Oh the grammar!

I have *never ever ever* read so grammatically incorrect text before (and there’s no good excuse, I mean that it’s not e.g. written by a 6-year-old or something like that). Pheew. Now, I won’t name any names… But I just had to get that out of my system :D
*continues reading*
Maybe it was written in the middle of the night, tired. There’s gotta be something…

Oh, by the way, I’m doing *another* layout for all things me. Shame on me :) I wish I was a web designer (not that I have any competence)