No rest for the academic

It’s all over!
Yes! It’s over! I wrote the four pages on “Problems in dividing natural language generation into separate stages”!
Yes! I finished all the 5 assignments with all the 11 files (perl scripts, XSLT style sheets)!
Yes! Now I can finally play XIII!
Yes! On Monday I gotta work my butt off again!

XIII withdrawals

Updates: To celebrate (see prev.), I decided to join the Dogs & Puppies fanlisting :)

My sister keeps chatting online so I can’t play XIII because my computer is the one connected to the Internet. I’m not sure if my computer can handle both the internet and the game. I dare not try. *sob* AND, I’m getting tired! Dammit!

@ 22:45
I finally got to play XIII. It’s great, especially because XIII is the character you play with and Duchovny’s done that voice. :P I thought XIII would be the bad guy #1 who you’d have to fight with in the end :) Better this way – much better

And no, he’s not the only reason I want to play that game. :P

Queen of evasion

I should be doing my bachelor’s thesis… but naaaaaaah. I’ve been doing the more interesting translation research. I’m a bad bad girl! :) Too bad the translation thing I’m doing can’t be a major… :(
And when I’m done with this, I’m going to play some XIII :D

@ 23:49
I just got a mail from my aunt. I had written her to tell that I’m working most of this summer so I can’t be there to look after the kids; one of them is my godson (5 yrs old) so I usually go there to help when the “official” baby-sitter (or daycare at a family close by) is having her own vacation and my aunt and her husband are not on their holiday. Anyway, my aunt wrote me that she had told my godson that I’d be coming over this summer and he’s waiting for me, so she asked if I could come in August for a “normal visit”. :) Awww… my heart melts. My godson wants me to visit him. :)

Been cursing: my TV

Happy Anniversary Katrina!

Kat and I have been pen friends for 9 years now :) Whee

Weird dream

Someone's eyebrow I had a weird dream. My dad and I were at a book store and suddenly he says “Hey, there’s a Robert Heinlein book over there.” (Heinlein writes scifi.) I don’t see anything so we go closer. I don’t see anything still. He picks up a thin paperback that was behind some other books and shows me the picture of a decorated shield on the book’s spine from which he recognised it was Heinlein (there isn’t one on the real books, but this is a dream, remember). I said to that “It’s the same as if I recognised David Duchovny from an eyebrow.” :D
Hmmm… bummer, I don’t.

@ 20:16
Finished XIII. Pretty cool it was. Maybe I’ll start it over with a more difficult level.


Wow, I received a “Site of the Moment” certificate from Domynoe after joining her fanlisting for Bookmarks..

Went shopping today with Dad. It’s funny, he always wants me to go shopping with him whether it’s clothes for him, tools or garden stuff. It’s very nice though. :)
Today we went to buy a fountain pump for our little pond in the back yard and some vent/fan thing for I don’t know what… maybe the sauna.


Updates: New at all things me – my booklog (there’s a link to it over there <— too) [edit] now over —> there [/edit]

After writing to Domynoe that I’d like to join this clique where you have to read one book a month and keep a booklog but I don’t know if I can read 1 book / month, I suddenly decided to do the booklog part at least. Just for my own fun I guess. So, crazy me, I wrote down my entire booklog since 1998… And it seems that nowadays I do read about one book a month. :)

Harsh Realm

Updates: wow, something new at XAMM :) Well, not a biggie, just that Gillian Anderson can be *heard* on Harsh Realm’s Pilot episode. HR is a “new” show by Chris Carter.

Talking about Harsh Realm, there’s a Prodigy song played quite often in it and I recognised it so I had to search my whole Prodigy collection :D all 3 CDs… for it. Luckily it kept playing on HR cause I kept forgetting how it went :D So, here it is: Climbatize from The Fat of the Land. Also, lots of familiar faces in HR. Terry O’Quinn (XF movie, Millennium series… I guess he’s been on XF episodes too… can’t remember), “Ned” from Party of Five, “Frank Black” i.e. Lance Henrikssen from Millennium, and the guy playing Waters, just can’t remember where I’ve seen him before — have to check the actor’s name (as well as “Ned’s”) sometime…
Been listening: Prodigy (“inspired” by Harsh Realm); didn’t remember it was THIS good. The bass in The Trick is amazing! Too bad it doesn’t sound good enough on the headphones, it breaks, or whatever. I can’t believe I used to dislike Firestarter… *bo-boom* :D
(going to get a headache soon I’m afraid… *turns the volume down obediently*)

Been wondering: Should I start “archiving” the oldest entries… i.e. making more pages for this thing right here…

@ 17:12
Surfing Internet Movie DataBase:
Harsh Realm
– “Ned from Party of Five” is Scott Bairstow, he’s also been in the X-Files (ep Miracle Man)
– “Waters” is Max Martini (gosh what a name), can’t understand where I could’ve seen him… maybe he has one of those faces that stick in your memory even though you’ve seen them only once
– Terry O’Quinn *has* been in the X-Files, in several roles, and also Alias (I should’ve remembered)
There are also other XF people: John Shiban (writer/producer), Frank Spotnitz (writer/producer), Kim Manners (director), Mark Snow (music)…….

Witness repellent

First time for everything
I had my first Jehova’s Witness experience today. Seriously, not one has ever been on our doorstep in the 22 years I’ve been around. (Hmmm… Witness repellent) Oh well, not much of an experience, I got a magazine (…”these jesus dudes showed up on my doorstep and all I got was this lousy magazine”…) :D Nice guys in nice suits, the “witnesses” that is. Not in the magazine.

Btw, it snowed (!!!) today. This morning (*cough cough*) when I left from home it was snowing nice little flakes and in the afternoon when I was coming from the Uni it was huge wet sleet — i.e. rags.

Happy Birthday Chriske!

Oxymoron1 of the Day: Rational fear

[added; had this in my previous blog but forgot to move it to the new layout’s blog :D ]
Hmm… I was reading yester’s entry and wondering, could ‘cough’ be spelled ‘coff’ when it describes the sound of couging… That’d be nice.
OK, on with the show (bachelor’s thesis; I have a couple of auxiliaries to wipe off the face of the ea…computer screen and a couple of words to spin around). Sounds fun, ¿huh?

Been freaking out: (not related to the oxymoron; that came when I was thinking about my presentation on this coming Wednesday, bachelor’s thesis presentation) I’m convinced that the huge spider (huge by our, Finnish nature, standards) that is living above the door in my toilet is going to jump on my head one day.

1. [oxymoron] noun, putting together words which seem to contradict one another