Creative crisis

I’m liking this current layout — which I’ve had for 7 months! — so much that I find myself keeping away from the new layout under development. It’s pretty much done, but there’re some things that bug me, and the final polishings are the most “tiring” of the whole process (type a little, refresh site, type, refresh ad infinitum). If I had another site that I updated as much as this, I could make a layout for it. I’m too pleased with my current layouts (except for the X-Files site, gosh) so I don’t have an urge to change them. The XF site is too much work to change (unbelievable amount of graphics) and it’s not unbearably bad (the header images are bad).

Someone hire me as a web designer!! :laugh: Kidding!

Christmas came early (or late)

After complaining about not updating my other sites, I finally found something new to add to TGWLSK: 3 new books I bought today; Green Mile, IT, and Firestarter. I’m going back tomorrow with a list of books I have, because I don’t have Desperation yet, for instance, and I saw it there (I’m desperate to get it, har har).

It was quite a lucky find today because Firestarter is a paiiin to find in the libraries (read: it doesn’t exist) and IT’s been quite difficult too. Now I have them! And I only have to wrap them in book plastic and finish the Cook I’m reading and I get to read them too!

I also placed an order on the Bachman Books.

Good advertising?

This morning I heard an ad on the radio for footstep counters:

(…) askelmittari — askeleen edellä tarkkuudessa

“(…) step counter — one step ahead in accuracy”

Hey big spender

I jafered mildly today. I bought 3 King books: Desperation, Insomnia, and Misery. I grimaced and left Cujo, Carrie, Cycle of the Werewolf, Tommyknockers, Hearts in Atlantis, and Skeleton Crew behind, possibly Four Past Midnight too (plus several Bachmans but I couldn’t remember which are bound together in the Bachman Books). I also found a game (Contract Jack), and boring things like shampoo.

to jafer — to shop a lot (a benevolent coinage [no pun intended])

[edit: May 7, 2005] Well, that was a short game. It didn’t take me even 2 days to finish (and that wasn’t 24/7 playing). I’m very disappointed. I hope Farscape comes soon from the game club — and that it works on my computer. I may need to uninstall a “few” games. [/edit]

Random cuteness

I made a random header image script for

<?php // Random header image
/* there are 3 pictures to choose from, so number is either 0, 1 or 2 */
$i = rand(0,2);
if ( $i == 0 ) { ?>
  <img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/images/header_01.jpg” alt=”Caramel Ears” />
<?php } else if ( $i == 1 ) { ?>
  <img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/images/set2/header_01.jpg” alt=”Caramel Ears” />
<?php } else if ( $i == 2 ) { ?>
  <img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/images/set3/header_01.jpg” alt=”Caramel Ears” />
<?php } ?>

As there is also the horizontal menu that has part of the image as a background, I had to move that bit of CSS from the style sheet file to the index file:

<div id=”nav” style=”background-image:url(<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/images/<?php if ($i == 1) { ?>set2/<?php } else if ($i == 2 ) { ?>set3/<?php } ?>header_02.jpg);”>

That’s a bit crammed but I didn’t want to make it as long and elaborate as for the header image.

Anyway, this post wasn’t about my amazing coding abilities :razz: but the pictures: GO SEE! [site has been removed]

Exclude pingbacks from comments RSS

A weird character in Jafer’s pingback title (or site title, actually) messed with my comment feed, so I decided to exclude pingbacks (as I won’t allow trackbacks) from my comments feed. I tweaked wp-commentsrss2.php file (found in the root WP folder), around lines 36 and 44:

AND $wpdb->comments.comment_approved = ‘1’ AND $wpdb->comments.comment_type != ‘pingback’

Comments are of type ” (null) and trackbacks are ‘trackback’, so I think putting comment_type = ” would work as well and you wouldn’t have to put a != (not equals) for both pingbacks and trackbacks.

[edit: May 9] That was a short-lived hack. WP1.5.1. solves the problem with odd characters causing grief for RSS feed readers [/edit]

Expensive dinner

What a weird dream I had. I — in the shape of Felicity Porter (from the tv show) — was at a university cafe for lunch. I took the normal meal plus a banana and a bag of some sort of candy, and when I went to the cashier. The lady there handed me some change, and I saw that the meal had cost 179 euros. I couldn’t believe it so I asked the lady to check it. She asked me if I had made sure what each thing costs and I told that the banana is only a 1 euro, the meal is 2,10 so can the candy cost 176? I was getting really annoyed and wanted to buy only the normal meal but for some reason I couldn’t return the others. As a compensation the lady offered me a couple of licorice bars which I found really offensive because there was an dark skinned man working in the kitchen.

Then I woke up.

Tax hogs

Damn tax hogs. I have to pay residual tax for last year. They better pay me back for this year because my percentage got bloody high.

WP 1.5.1

22 minutes into the new WP version and I’ve got it installed. Yay.

Only one thing:
Plugin list
That’s the plugin list and green shows which are activated. I mean, GAG! Look at that green! And blue links! I don’t like blue, but if it’s gotta be blue (I KNOW there are a few admin “themes”) then it can’t have green — at least not that kind of green.

*goes to tweak the admin stylesheet*

Ah, a bit better. I thought about leaving all the rows as plain grey (or white) but figured maybe distinguishing activated plugins comes in handy when I’m in a real hurry or suddenly can’t read……….
Plugin list after tweak

Now, where was the other green ghastly thing I caught a glimpse of…

Note to self: The next time you upgrade, remember to save a copy of admin quicktag hacking… AND remember to check which plugin files are in wp-admin

Trackbacks are back

Whether or not anyone would ever trackback me, trackbacks are back. However, only genuine trackbacks are let through the moderation, I won’t allow site advertisements that really have nothing to do with my post specifically.