No more shopping

… at least for a while. I was supposed to find a storing box for a stack of loose DVDs, instead I bought hangers, 2 King books (Thinner and Night Shift), a bedsheet (for the blanket cover+pillowcase set I bought yesterday along with a set for my sister’s birthday), and the Indiana Jones DVD boxset. Earlier this week, looking for the boxset actually, I bought the XF season 5 dvd box. And a while ago I bought Shawshank Redemption and Christine DVDs…

Simon’s slow!?

This is ridiculous. This is from HeliAttack 3 at MiniClip — an online Flash game:

Slow computer

Slow computer is something less than 2 Ghz? Simon, my computer, is 1,4. I know, it is quite old, but I’m going to buy a new computer pretty soon. Maybe I’ll name it Simon Jr. because I like the name too much…

Blabbety blab

Someone let loose a loud blabber in here. She talks so fast I don’t understand how the people she’s talking to understand a longlistofconnectedwords she says. And she shrieks, too! Luckily my day’s done soon… :roll:

I survived

I had a pretty broken night, after going to sleep around 12 am and still looking at the clock at 12:40 I got up at 5 and 6 and then eventually 7.

Why the fidgetiness? I had an exam today :) Well, I studied all day yesterday and before that — not enough in my own view but the best I could do (read: bother) as usual. It was Finnish grammar. Phonology, morphology, syntax, clause structure… I think I did alright. There were a few things I wasn’t sure of so I had to leave them only partially solved. The result will come around July 20th, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

Now, shopping!

Following instructions

The instructions above the textarea in the WP forums states

Put code in between `backticks`.

People have hard time understanding and/or following this. Sometimes there’s <code>, [code] or just ‘. But this is definitely the cutest of them all:

<object classid="…" width="320" height="256" codebase="…">

No brainer

There’s this hilarious and addictive game, No Brainer. You answer really simple questions as fast as you can and try to grow the brain bigger and bigger. Here’s my result for Game 1 (there are three versions):
Updated Tue, July 19th

My result

I challenge you.
(I’m not saying I have a good result, it’s just my current personal best.)


One year ago, almost exactly (if I had remembered this on Monday), I started using WordPress. I’m very glad I ventured from the old and familiar environment of Perl in the form of Greymatter to the scary world of databases and PHP in the form of WP. WP has been very easy to use, customise and tweak. After the theme system came in 1.3 it’s been a breeze to upgrade (some people complain about the frequent upgrades. I don’t) especially now that I remember to “document” my core tweaking.

I’m too tired to write anything grandiose. I love WP. I’ve never had any problems with it (well, little error messages or layout-gone-crazy just don’t make me shake in my boots unlike some, it seems).

Happy anniversary!

The end of a wonderful time

Blah. My parents came home from the summer cottage today. I had been “home alone” with my sister and the dog since Thursday, and it was soooo wonderful (if you don’t count the fact that my sister was there). I worked from home these three days and it was much cooler here in the basement than at the department where I have to gasp for air from the window every once in a while.

I didn’t get to be on the computer a lot (perhaps I could’ve, but I chose not to), instead I continued reading Dark Tower VII — at last. On Saturday I did go to the movies (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, very good and funny, and well acted), and a bookstore… Loot: Dead Zone, Skeleton Crew, and Gerald’s Game (!!!!!). Gerald’s Game is the only book that has ever made me nauseous, which makes it very good! I’ve been looking for it for a looong time.

My sister complained that she never gets to be home alone. I guess the youngest always have to get everything younger than the first-borns — which annoys me immensely. I was properly home alone for the first time when I was 22 — last summer that was. My sister just turned 17. Of course, she wasn’t alone this time, but without the parents it’s almost as good.

No Brainer II

Blimey. My current best in No Brainer
No Brainer
is the best score all month
No Brainer monthly best

You gotta believe

Go to Google Moon and zoom all the way in…


Shame that feature has been removed. There was cheese on the surface of the moon!