Little addictions

There are a few things I can’t get enough of. One is noodles :laugh: and one is Robbie Williams. I just saw a documentary on Robbie and it got me wanting to listen to the CDs, once again. So I am. Listening. To the CDs. Once again. And enjoying it as much as ever.

Now I even have a cool Sound Effect program to make it sound like he’s singing right next to me. :mrgreen:

What are you addicted to? (the legal stuff, that is — no gory details, please…) I know what Jafer’s going to say: Tim’s :)

Like a Gmail virgin

Yes, it’s possible. There are people who don’t have a Gmail account. Well, at least there were.

Shadow pleaded so I thought ‘why not’. Cwazy Mail has been acting up lately, so I have started thinking it’d be nice to have an email from one of the bigger sites (not MSN!) which might be more reliable. Hopefully Cwazy will overcome the little glitches because I like the name :) (and I’ve given it out to all internet stuff like fanlistings and I wouldn’t want to go around updating the infos…)

So, now I have a Gmail account :) I’m not going to use it for this site though because here I have a proper domain email. But in places where people don’t need to know I have a homepage. Or just places it’s more likely to start receiving spam from.

New vocabulary

It’s strange how often after I learn a new word, it very soon appears somewhere else and I think how lucky I am having learned that just recently. For instance, a couple of days ago I learned the word kludge and today in an email at work someone was writing about a kludge for a program that allows files to be saved in Word doc format.

The day before yesterday I stumbled across the words “axon” and “dendrite” — parts (?) of a synapse, and yesterday, those words were in the book I’m reading, IT.

Maybe I’ve seen the words lots of times before but only now notice them, but I’m not willing to believe that. I want to believe that these are very lucky coincidences.


I could never have believed I’d say this: I don’t like Robbie’s songs. The newest… songs?… he’s done are weird! Radio I can bear nowadays, but this newest one, Tripping, doesn’t do justice to his great voice at all. It’s that dude he’s been writing songs with, it’s ALL HIS FAULT!


Movie Meme

Seen in awe at Mike’s. Let’s see how badly I’ll do…
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I may not be a movie whore, but I’m a bit of a materialist when it comes to computers… Yesterday I heard a couple of boys talking on the train (sorry Kory, you have to see this twice :smile: )
– I just bought a new computer. It’s got 80 Gb hard drive <mumblemumble> and a 15 inch flat screen!
– Whooooah, I only got, like, 40 G!

I didn’t catch the gigahertzes or memory, but it can’t have been a lot with only 80 G! I felt like adding
– Njah njah, I got 200 Gb hard drive, 3.2 Ghz, and a 19 inch flat screen
but I didn’t. I know, my computer isn’t top notch by geeky standards, so that’s why I only brag about it in my blog where I can shut people up by saying this is my blog and this is my amazing computer. :laugh:

Oh, and his name’s Sullivan. I’ve decided now. (My computer’s, that is.)


There are days when you’d really need a CD player at work… (it’s allowed)

Bugs bug me a lot

Bug #1: I’m having a nasty cold. Throat hurts a lot a lot and I cough all the time. My nose runs (catch it!) too, but that’s a given. All that really makes it difficult to sleep even the few pathetic hours I get per night.

Bug #2: Email spam is getting more difficult to spot. Although the topics are often odd, some of them are vague enough not to ring alarm bells. Pro: the email address where I get most/all of the spam is going down soon. Con: I’ll have to give my new address to a lot of places… and have to remember what those places are…

Bug #3: Surprisingly, there were Trojans on Theme XP‘s installer files. I’m not saying I know that’s a trusted source, but it surprising anyway.


Did I just hear someone say that “I got some warning message here: ‘WinDVD is not your default DVD player. Do you want to set it as default DVD player now?”?!?


I’m so shallow!

Finally, FINALLY, I found nice shoes! :laugh: I’m all giddy about it and can’t wait for next week to try them out. They’re black (duh), ankle-high boots with a little heel. It was difficult to find shoes with a less pointy tip, but I didn’t find round ones either so I had to make a compromise. Anyway, I’m glad I have a little warmer shoes for the autumn because some mornings have been too chilly for me in my Scully-shoesTM.

Dad really likes to go shoe shopping with me… (that is, he doesn’t, really really doesn’t) so I’m glad I sometimes find something. The winter shoes (ankle high-boots, hmm, am I dull?) were found in the same store as these new ones and I really really love the winter shoes, too.

We didn’t have time to do a lot of shopping (it was dinner time), so sometime soon we’re going again. I need that MP3 player (and a cell phone but I’ll probably wait on that) — just need to figure out which. Ugh, just when I cancelled my student allowance…