8 days

That’s not a typo — it’s a fact! I only have 8 days of work and then I’ll have 14 days of summer vacation!!! It’s depressingly little compared to past when school holidays were 2½ months or as much as 4 months (in Uni) and I didn’t work or worked only for a part of the summer but it’s a great improvement to last year. I don’t know yet how I’ll spend the precious little time except that I’m going to an art museum and a restaurant with Grandma one day, but what I will not do is get up at 6:30.

I know I haven’t been writing for ages but that’s because I have nothing to write about. I just work and I can’t talk about work. I’ve been playing Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones and I think I’m almost finished (with PoP, you never know). I had to find some help with an abominable fight and found a great place, Stuck Gamer, that has video walkthroughs. Very wow-y! It also has a guide for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory which I haven’t played in ages and I’m horribly stuck, but I’ve decided to re-start the level or take an earlier save game to save some sticky shockers and try again.

Thanks to Kory I’ve been listening to some wonderful music by Stabilo. I’ve listened to the songs so much that it doesn’t matter anymore whether I have them playing on computer/mp3 player or not. The other day I had recharged batteries for the mp3 player, replaced the old batteries but then forgot to take the player to work. Of course, inner player isn’t as effective in blocking the outer noise as a tangible player with earphones but it did keep me entertained. If nothing else, go to the Stabilo site » Albums » Happiness & Disaster » listen to Don’t Look in Their Eyes. Listen to all the songs if you have the time!

Owning — or having the possibility to borrow — a season boxset of a TV series is unbelievably liberating. The reruns of the X-Files started last week. They’re shown at 10pm on Mondays and Tuesdays and — hold onto your chair now — I haven’t been watching them. Instead I’ve been watching other channels or dozing off if I’ve felt like it (and boy have I). No need to stare at the little channel logo (it disappears just before the commercial break) in the top right corner with my thumb on the Pause button, no need to keep my fingers crossed that my stupid DVD player records the episode properly. I’m hoping to borrow season 1 box of Lost on my summer vacation so I haven’t been watching that either. Now, if only they had season boxes of the news I’d know what’s going on in the world…


I have a short and only vacation coming and I’m already bored out of my skull after work (on weekends, too)! Today there’s nothing interesting on TV until 11:40 pm; I could watch XF episodes but I can’t concentrate on taking notes. I finally finished Prince of Persia (The Two Thrones) on Saturday and now I don’t really have any games that I feel like playing; Quake’s a bit too exhausting, Tomb Raider a bit too puzzling, Luxor just too many times finished in Expert mode and I’m afraid F.E.A.R. would freak me out which would be embarrassing. Reading makes me sleepy, there’s no one to chat with… :cry:

Oh, but I do have this morning’s episode of Gilmore Girls to watch! Now I’ll have something to do for about 50 minutes.

Maybe I should take up crocheting or something. :eek:

Extension cord says…

… you’ve been on the computer too much!

A moment ago, as I was excitedly about to continue with my re-try of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, the extension cord that holds all the computer plugs wouldn’t work. There’s a switch that obviously had resigned. (And now it’s dead, because Dad wanted to take a look inside despite the lack of screws that would’ve made opening it a whole lot easier.)

I was sort of hoping that we wouldn’t have an extra extension because it would be healthy for my sister to be away from the computer for a while. Honestly, she doesn’t do anything else. She’s on a 2½-month summer vacation and I think she’s been out of the house once. She sits in front of the computer from the moment she wakes up around 3-4 pm until she goes to bed around 3-4 am. She even eats at the computer if it isn’t Saturday or Sunday. Alas, the lure of the Panamanian Bank is too much to handle…