I’m not dead, just sort of lethargic

I just finished making a new start page for my domain. It uses JavaScript to hide the descriptions by default and when mouse is moved over the icon, description is shown next to it. If JavaScript is disabled, the descriptions are visible all the time.

Yesterday I went to see Hannibal Rising with my sister. It was alright, quite interesting and unlike some critics, I don’t mind that Hannibal’s evilness is explained by his childhood. It’s the story that counts and Thomas Harris has made the story like that (I suppose, I haven’t read the book yet). I didn’t quite understand why the mask was a sort of a “costume” for Hannibal. He tried a mask on that looked a lot like in the other movies:

Hannibal Rising - the mask

But he had to wear the mask in prison to prevent him from biting people!

Hannibal, older movies - the mask

Oh well…

Australia posts moved here

Now all (not very numerous) posts from my WordPress.com blog have been imported here into the

Upgraded to WP 2.1.2

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.1.2 and I haven’t had time to inspect all the pages and how the old plugins work. If you see any errors anywhere in the blog, do let me know.

Sexually harassed at a grocery store

This morning when I was queuing at the grocery store cashier, an old woman started talking to me. I was being polite as usual, chatting back. Before I moved on to get my groceries (= lunch) the lady bumped me in the back with her knee/foot. She said she gave me a “kick of good luck” (we have that in Finnish, onnenpotku), stroke of luck. :lol:

I’m glad I don’t live in an English-speaking country where I would’ve been assaulted.

Upgrade whoopsie

I don’t know if you noticed it at all, but this definitely wasn’t my intention:

Links to (odd) people

During the upgrade, link and post categories were merged (stupid feature; at least I don’t understand it yet) and I had two identical slugs for my post category “(Odd) People” and my link category “People”. WP merged the two and kept the post category title, causing slightly embarrassing sight.

Now, I don’t consider ‘odd’ a bad thing to be, quite the opposite, but if you were offended, I do apologise.

Abuser name

Login failed. Most likely you entered your abuser name or your password.

A quirky typo

Dear English-speaking reader. There should be a space between “väärin” (= wrongly, mis-) and “käyttäjätunnuksesi” (= your username). “Väärin” specifies the word “kirjoitit” (= you typed).