Only 5-ish more months to go!

Days are practically whooshing by. It’s already November, then comes Christmas, then birthday — and then, getting to see my apartment and moving out is going to be just around the corner.

Things I look forward to:

  • New furniture! New carpets! New curtains! New colours!
    (My bedroom curtains are blue — and I don’t like blue.)
  • I’m itching to test out all the recipes I’ve been collecting in my cookblog. Yum!
  • I get to listen to music without headphones and sing along, too.
  • Oh oh oh! I can play on the computer without headphones!
  • I’ll have proper places — and enough space — to put my things (in storage or on display).
  • I don’t necessarily have to close the bedroom door at night. And I don’t have to listen to CLICKety-clack from behind the door, clomp-CLOMP-clomp from upstairs, and claBONK from behind the wall when I’m trying to sleep. :)
  • I won’t have my sister’s hair EVERYWHERE (socks, shoes, clothes, fridge, butter packet, sofa, chair…). (She’s got long hair. Think ‘long’ and multiply it by 1.5.)
  • Faucet with a thermostat. (Now I’m turning it hotter – colder – hotter – colder all the time while washing my face.)
  • Hassle-free toilet paper holder. (Whoever invented the holder I have in my toilet now is a nut. It’s so difficult to put the roll in that I don’t usually bother and just put it on top of the holder. And remember the orange sink…?)

Weekend activities for a change

I went to see Stephen King’s 1408 on Saturday. I don’t particularly like John Cusack but he was good in this — playing a man going crazy inside a hotel room. The movie had its scary parts; there was a woman sitting next to me and my sister who screamed and jumped on her seat. Annoying. At first I was worried about the hordes of teenagers that filled the theatre but the most noisy and obnoxious people turned out to be the oldest of the bunch. The woman was accompanied by a man — a tall, wide, black-clothed, long-haired giant — who said after the movie, “That wasn’t scary at all! The scary horror movies are much better!” I thought, “scary horror movies? Which are those?”

I also did some shopping: a couple of Christmas presents (gets harder every year to think of presents for everyone) and I also found two shirts.

New shirts

Quite lovely I must say. I’m saving the purple one for our office Christmas party (“festive dress”), then I can start wearing it on normal workdays. :mrgreen: