Invasion of the wall munchers

Yesterday morning I went to the bathroom, as usual, to wash my face.

I noticed an odd pile of sand on the tiles…

Duh-dun (thanks, Kory! (I couldn’t figure out how to spell the Jaws “theme”)), duh-dun, duh-dun…

Mysterious pile of s… sand

I directed my gaze straight from the pile up to the ceiling.

Duh-dun, duh-dun, duh-dun…
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At work all the women seem to stop ageing at 25 so today I had my very first “25th” birthday. I bought some candy for people at work (we do that..).

Not much special about today, though. I did get a nice water boiler for a present and some money from my grandparents. I’m either going to buy some kitchenware (pots and pans) or Duma Key by Stephen King (published on Jan 22!).

I just took part in Pizero‘s theme contest. When I was reading the post I thought, “I’ll take part if I get to be number 42.” And what do you know, the last comment was number 41. Of course I have to try my luck!

I remember thinking about something to write on my way to the train station this morning but now I can’t remember what it was.

Good book + short chapters = bad combination

Whenever I read (except on-the-go) I try and stop between chapters or, if there are no chapters, at some sort of distinctive gap between the paragraphs. Even when I’m reading on-the-go I take care to finish the paragraph I’m reading — or even better, the page.

Last night I wasn’t feeling very tired around 11 pm so I decided to read the book I currently carry in my handbag: The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks. It’s a really really good book (at least so far); and it has short chapters. Whenever I finished a chapter I flipped forward to see where the next one ended. “Only 4 pages, I can read that!” I just couldn’t stop. Luckily this was a work night because otherwise I could’ve — and would’ve — kept reading.

I just read that The Traveller is the first book in a trilogy. Wonderful! I’ve been a little worried about what to read next because I’ve read all of King’s published novels (except Duma Key that was published yesterday; it’ll take 2-3 days for it to reach Finland, I hear) and I haven’t found a new author whose books to read obsessively. I wrote to the library suggesting they should purchase a copy of the next JXIIH book, The Dark River. It was published last summer but still isn’t in the collection!

This John Twelve Hawks is quite interesting, actually. I’ve never read books by an author who keeps their identity secret. (I read Richard Bachman books after I had learned he’s Stephen King.)

Site worries

You may’ve noticed that my site has been a bit wonky the past few days. Last night I noticed a bunch of PHP errors in my blog but wasn’t even able to log in because everything was forbidden and write-protected. Everything should be ok now.

Luckily, this is a small site so no harm done.

I always wonder why some people feel obligated to update their blog. (I mean that they take it too seriously.) They get nervous breakdowns if they are unable to produce several full-blown articles every day or apologise from the bottom of their heart if they are busy in other areas of their life or if they are going to take a week off from their hobby! Jeez, do they really think they’re that important? Or, are there actually readers who expect too much from someone’s pastime? I would understand just a notice that “hey, it’ll be a bit quiet here for a few weeks” (although that’s an invitation to hackers or spammers) but I’ve actually seen people apologise for the inconvenience their absence may cause. :shock:

It’s a whole different thing of course if you blog for a living. But even then, you should be able to take the normal holidays — or at least weekend(-like) breaks.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go make me some tea and something to eat. And I may not blog for a while if I can’t think of anything clever to say.