Love at first sight

Here’s the foyer looking out the door:


There’s a closet for cleaning stuff on the right and mirror doors in the middle hiding the coat rack. Kitchen (oven, more specifically) peeks on the right hand side of the photo.

Here’s the kitchen:


There’s a slot for the microwave oven. Spices go in the cupboard above the stove (it’s a very shallow cupboard). The dishwasher is to the right of the oven.

I love the faucet!


You can see a bit of the fridge-freezer on the right. The drawers hold slots for utensils and also a cutting board.

Here’s the living-room:


The door to the balcony is on the left.

And there’s lots and lots of wall for a biiig bookcase for instance. We’ll see. :)


The wall stretches uninterruptedly to the foyer.

Now, here’s the shower and sauna door (missing the doorknob):


There’s a glass wall to separate the shower from the toilet/sink side of the bathroom. It didn’t fit in the photo there. The bathroom is surprisingly roomy. I love the grey tiling! It’s in the shower corner and on the floor (both sauna and bathroom).

Pretty lights in the sauna:


And here are the sink and cupboards:

Bathroom again

There’s space for the washing machine to the right of the sink. (Toilet is to the left.) There’s also a closet with two laundry baskets and some shelf space.

And here’s the bedroom:


It’s quite small but it’ll be a nice den for reading and computer-ing. Oh, and sleeping.

Here’s a taste of the closet space:

Bedroom closets

The closet on the right (door closed) is similar to the one you see. There’s also a double-door closet to the right of these doors with a bar for hanging clothes (and a top shelf). I’ll have to put some drawers or storage baskets under the bar because I don’t have anything awfully long to hang in there.

The balcony floor is lovely! It’s not ugly grey concrete like I was afraid of but some sort of “fake gravel”.


I forgot to take another picture of the balcony…

I went to the construction site at 9 am and stayed for about 45 minutes. I probably could’ve stood there for a long time just looking around and enjoying the space, but I had to drag myself to work.

It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Take a sauna on it

Sauna is an amazing thing: you may go in there worked up about something or worried, and come out calm and — more importantly — in your right mind again.

For instance, yesterday I was feeling furious at my bank because they paid an instalment of my apartment two months early. I thought, of course, that I’m losing money in interests because I’m starting to pay them now instead of two months later.

Then I went to the sauna (today).

Now I’m thinking, what difference does it actually make if I’m paying for this particular instalment + its interest for x number of months starting now instead of x number of months starting a bit later. I’m still feeling a hint of uncertainty, but logically thinking it doesn’t make much of a difference (the interest rate does change annually but it affects the situation only marginally).

This “enlightenment” has happened so many times that I sometimes feel stupid when I realise I’ve been worrying about something for no reason.

A byte of sympathy

This post is dedicated to Jafer. Computers are really something, aren’t they.

Error message

I got this at work. And I laughed aloud.