I’m not dead. I just managed to blow something up inside my computer so I haven’t been able to use it fully for a long time. Being without a computer (at home) has been kind of refreshing.

Today I made some chocolate chip muffins a la Nigella Lawson. They don’t look very pretty because I think I put too much batter for each muffin. I have a 12-muffin pan and the recipe was supposedly for 12 but I got 12 too big and one in a coffee cup. I suppose I need to get another pan :)

Chocolate chip muffins

The only one that looks like a muffin (the one in top left corner) broke in half when I tried to take it from the tray. Just my luck. Oh well, they taste nice which is the important thing.

On my name day on May 26th I made a chocolate lemon pie for work:

Chocolate lemon pie

(The cut you see in the picture is the cook’s reserved right to pre-taste. :) ) It was yummy but the pie dough was kind of hard to cut and the filling could’ve been more brown (it was cooked properly, though). Anyway, I’m not the only one who liked it because it disappeared in an instant…

I haven’t been making only desserts. I’ve been cooking for a whole week every weekend. I think I’ve only had lunch from a store once when I knew I was going shopping so I didn’t want to lug the “lunch box” around town. I made a tuna-potato-smoked cheese casserole which was a huge success (for me, I didn’t feed it to anyone else) — there wasn’t much for me to screw up. Tomorrow or on Saturday I’m making another kind of fish casserole for next week.

So, what’s been going on? My new home is coming together. I assembled the bookcases with my sister and tomorrow Dad is coming to help put the doors up. I’m still waiting for a bed and a TV stand. They were supposed to arrive a month ago (!!!) but there’s been all kinds of confusion. I just wish they would arrive already! I also was supposed to get a sofa this week but I didn’t. Oh well, I’m not too worried about that yet because this was a Midsummer week and “every” Finn is on holiday tomorrow and I think Saturday is quite a quiet day, too (on the shop-front). If I don’t hear from the store on Wednesday at the latest I’m calling to ask after my dear sofa.

I’m so glad to have the bookcases finally assembled! All my closets are filled with books (and I’m not even exaggerating much) so I haven’t been able to unpack my other stuff yet. All my DVDs are still in a box, too.

I also finally got my computer off the floor. I didn’t buy a desk yet but there was an unused (?) table at home which I got until I find a better one.

Now it’s time to go watch some tv. They’re re-running Supernatural which I didn’t get to watch on the first run because it was on at the same time with a more important series. Now I can record two channels and watch a third one so those kinds of worries are practically history. :)