Got extra money on Friday along with my salary (“vacation money”) and, of course, went shopping on Saturday. I bought a lot! An electric mixer, a deep frying pan (not for deep-frying, just with high edges), a stand for clothes (because otherwise I’d keep them on my chair which isn’t practical), covers for the hotplates, and probably something else, too. But most importantly, I got carpets!

I bought a round grey rug for the living-room. There’s enough red already (curtains and easy chair) and I needed something grey so my couch doesn’t feel too lonely.

Living-room rug

I was looking for something, anything, for my bedroom and I found a lovely plum coloured rug.

Bedroom rug

Yummm. I didn’t have a colour scheme for my bedroom yet so this decided it. It’s great, because plum/purple was a colour I wanted somewhere.

I’ve found a lovely desk but it’s in an online store so I’ll have to think (and ask around) whether I have the courage to order it. And I still need some lamps.