The Orange Box

Fiiinally the Half-Life 2 Orange Box was so inexpensive that I decided to buy it. Ever since it was released over a year ago I’ve been annoyed that it contained two games I already had (Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2 Episode 1). Sure, it was a bargain anyway but why buy duplicates? At first it seemed that Episode 2 and Portal wouldn’t be available in any other format (except digitally on Steam, but I like the smell of game boxes) but I suppose they’ve released them individually by now.

On Tuesday I saw an advert for a game store’s “grand opening” and they had a really good deal on the Orange Box — it was only 9.90€ while in other stores it was around 30-50€ still. After some persuasion by my co-workers to once in my life “play hooky”, I decided to come to work later than usual and stop by the game store on Wednesday morning. I did, and I got the game!

I installed it the same evening and decided to try it out. I had real difficulty getting connected to the Steam servers which were too busy to handle my request and it prevented me completely from launching the game. Apparently it required some files downloaded or some thing to be done first even though I had turned off automatic updates. Eventually it worked but this got me thinking: what happens when the servers get overloaded? What happens when they are closed completely? Could that happen in the near future?

Kory was just telling me about a 5-install limit on some games. Game companies are doing their best preventing people from playing today’s games in the future. That’s so sad.

Online shopping

I did it. I ordered a desk and a bookshelf from a Finnish online store. I’ll hopefully hear from them by Tuesday on when the furniture would be delivered.

I’m not going to say a thing to my parents or sister (or probably anyone who might spill the beans) until I have the stuff here. That’s in case something goes wrong (they are delayed, order’s messed up, packages broken, or something like that) — I don’t want to give Dad yet another furniture-related mishap to snicker about. ;) I’m paying for it on delivery so I don’t have to worry if they bail out on me and the stuff never gets here.

I do hope everything goes well because the furniture I found look sooo lovely (dark wood, yum)! I can’t wait to get my “office stuff” out of my clothes closet (!) and onto the shelves where they belong.

[Edit] Oh yeah, I received an email on Monday (I think they tried to call me first but I didn’t hear the phone in time and they hung up). The estimated delivery is on December 9 or 10. Whee! A month to go!

What a relief

A few days ago I realised that the day for paying residual tax (or receiving returns) is quite soon (December 2). The problem was, I had no idea where the tax return form1 was because of the move: All my papers are still in bags, folders or boxes until I get my desk and bookcase.

For the life of me I couldn’t remember whether I had to pay or whether I’ll get a tax return. If I’d get something back it would be no problem if I didn’t find the papers but if I had to pay something… :shock:

Before the move I knew exactly where the form and other important papers were (that is, in the pile of papers on the stereo speaker or the one in my bookshelf) but now I had no idea where to start.

Yesterday I even went shopping for a ceiling light so I could see while rummaging in the closets. (Not the only reason to buy the light — to hunt for the form — but it was a good incentive.)
Lucky me, I picked up the exact right folder and there it was, right next to the form from 2005…! Apparently, I was two and something euros short but they don’t collect it because it’s such a small amount of money.


Next year I’ll put the residual tax (if any) scheduled for payment the day I receive the form and put a reminder in my calendar, too.

1 We get the tax return forms ready filled and just have to correct them if something is wrong.

Snow alien

This little dude greeted me when I got home today.

Snow alien

Guess where it came from? Maybe Jupiter?
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Christmas/birthday present for me!

Today I went and bought an Acer Aspire One (with Linux Lite). Please, don’t ask me why. My co-workers got me wanting one and I thought what the hey. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a nice new gadget for myself. (Not counting the kitchen goodies.)

I didn’t get just the laptop. I got it with a customisation. They only had white and blue ones; blue is a colour I absolutely don’t like and white is a bit too… Apple. Ick. So, I decided to have a white One customised to metallic red. Niiice. :) It’ll still have a white keyboard and touchpad and the screen and its frame are black, but the rest will be red.

And, I didn’t get just the laptop and the customisation. I got an 8 GB memory card to add to the 8GB Flash-drive.

And, I didn’t get just the laptop, the customisation, and the memory card. I got a laptop sleeve to protect the lovely gadget.

And, I didn’t get just the laptop, the customisation, the memory card, and the bag. I got a WLAN router because what fun would it be to have a WLAN-capable laptop and have to plug it in.

I won’t get these for Christmas, though. I’ll have to wait until the start of January because the customisation has a queue and they’re quite busy at this time of the year (no surprise). But it’ll be in time for my birthday. Can’t wait! Will post photos once I get my One.

Note to self: remember to re-read ten tips for new Aspire One in January.