X-Files hangover

Last night I watched three season 1 episodes of the X-Files (Fallen Angel, Eve, and Fire) and woke up today with a horrible headache. That’s not fair, I had only three! :)

Happy new year everyone!

Pets etc.

Once again there is maintenance work going on in the building. In my apartment they’ve changed the balcony doors and adjusted the sauna doors. Recently, they checked the temperatures — that was just last week but now they’re doing it again next week. Why? I have no clue. I’m getting tired of letting strangers wander in my home unattended.

This latest crew left everyone a message (I love to proofread them, by the way) telling what to do while the measuring is going: keep all doors closed, windows closed, air conditioning at a certain setting, and make sure that pets etc. can’t flee.

Er, etc.? What? Spouses? Slaves? Hostages? It’d be a shame to let the ransom money slip through your fingers just because of some stupid construction workers.


Better late than never — tomorrow and Saturday I’ll rrreally celebrate. Or Sunday, even though it’s a little late then.