The oldest bachelor in the world

Well, not really but I sure feel like it.

Nevertheless. Yes, I finally did it: I went to the university and turned in my papers to enroll in the last graduation ceremony of the school year. In about 2 weeks I’ll get my bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Arts). Hurray.

I’m not planning on any sort of pomp and circumstance but I promise I’ll celebrate a little — on the inside at least.

(I got the congratulations after I’d filled in the papers with the help of the clerk. How great would it be if I now got a call that there’s something wrong… After I’ve already told everyone. :D )

Note to self

I was going nuts over the weekend after a crazy week (not to mention long hours) at work. All the scheduling stuff (or more like, “oh no, how on earth will I manage this!”) was stuck in my head all weekend and my brain was going 100m/s. You can imagine that I was having a “little” trouble sleeping.

Last night after going to bed at 9:30 — because I had decided to wake up at 6 am — and still tossing and turning after midnight I finally decided to write down all the things that I had stuck in my mind.

Whew. That helped. I just wish I had thought of that Friday night…