Iron woman

Last Wednesday I got it in my head that my bedroom needed reorganising. Furniture-wise. (The contents of the closets, shelves, and boxes are in a much bigger mess, therefore I need a lot bigger inspiration to start organising those.)

Here’s what it used to look like:

Bedroom before

I had figured I have no need for much floor space (not going to square dance or anything there) so I’d put the bed like that to make it easier to change sheets. However, I got tired of the maze. I’d bump my leg and hip on the foot of the bed or my desk. Don’t ask me why, but I always got in from the right even though the left side was all clear. (The dimensions are a little off there, because in reality the foot of the bed and the corner of the desk were closer… I’m not that wide.)

Anyway, I took the stuff off the shelves of my big bookcase (in the corner there), threw them on the bed, and put some woolly socks under the bookcase. I dragged it across the room. Then I dragged my bed around with the help of some more woolly socks and pushed it in the corner. Then I put the desk in front of the window. Very easy to move the desk since it is on a little rug. Finally, I carried the chest of drawers and put it on the other end of the desk.

Here’s what it looks like now:

Bedroom after

Still, the desk area isn’t optimal but I didn’t want to put the chest of drawers right next to the bed. I’m afraid I may hit my head or something. Maybe I’ll need to try it out though, because it could act as a night table too (I need to put my cellphone, i.e. alarm clock, somewhere). Unfortunately the door doesn’t open all the way now because the bookcase is just a tad too wide (the door hits just the corner there) but there aren’t many places to put it.

(The floor plans were created at

Business idea

The other day I dropped by a pet store to get something for our doggy. He seems to like anything that smells horrible to humans.

In many stores we have one or two opened packages of perfumes, makeup etc. (called testers) for shoppers to test the product. While I was looking at the sealed packages at the pet store and trying to determine smell just by looking at them I started hoping for a pet food tester…

I couldn’t decide which was the smelliest so I picked up some of

Aren’t I clever…

For a long while I’ve been racking my brain about every book I read next. I’m between Kings, you see, and any non-King book seems to be very difficult to find.

Just a while ago I read Raymond Khoury’s “The Last Templar” of which I had made a mental note long time ago because the topic was interesting. I enjoyed the book immensely but did I even once think he may’ve written something else? No, of course not. I suppose in my twisted logic only King has written more than one book…

Today I visited a library, walked straight to the English section (horror, more specifically) and — after a lot of head tilting — picked up two short story collections. When I was heading back to get the books checked out I spotted a Raymond Khoury book on a shelf. It was in Finnish, alas, but it gave me an idea! I went back to the English section and tried to look for something by Khoury. Couldn’t find anything but I promised myself to note it down.

Now I do have a stack of books to get through but at least I know what to look for next: The Sign and Sanctuary — by Raymond Khoury.