Finish one before you start another

I have to start following a game decluttering policy: finish one game before you start another.

The reason I’m thinking about this is that I bought Spore on Saturday and now I’m itching to install it. Luckily I have the patience to wait for the price to drop on the newest Splinter Cell until at least this Christmas because I haven’t even finished Double Agent yet.

There are so many games I’m “currently playing”:

  • Tomb Raider: Underworld
  • Indiana Jones: Emperor’s Tomb
  • The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
  • Fallout 3

And loads more I have installed on my old computer (Fear, Half-Life 2 episode 2, Fable, Splinter Cell Double Agent (which I’m going to install on the new computer and start over), Morrowind) and some I cannot even remember.

Thankfully, I finished Prince of Persia and Lego Indiana Jones a while ago. I still have well-hidden treasure chests to find in Lego Indiana Jones so I haven’t got it 100% finished yet. Also, TR: Underworld is advancing nicely now once I got past some monsters that killed me and my motivation in January (hey, I was completely out of medikits!). Thank you, vacation.

I better get at it, this is my last day off!

Central heating

For some reason my hands get cold very easily. I’m rarely cold overall, just in the hands. That is why I can be seen wearing gloves (without fingers) indoors even after winter — usually at work where there is air conditioning (and my fast typing probably creates little tornadoes around the fingers, too ;) ).

I can’t remember if it’s any better in the summer so I suppose I’ll soon find out. I do remember that last summer it was really warm in the office, even with the air conditioning, so maybe I can take off my gloves soon.

I wouldn’t be wearing gloves at the tiniest of finger-freezing if it didn’t have an unpleasant side-effect: If I’m at all cold, my body turns on the central heating system full blast! And that causes first a red nose (embarrassing) and then a red face. At least it feels like it; it may not — and hopefully doesn’t — show. So annoying…

Police raids pizza delivery car – fed up with donuts

A local pizza delivery car got pulled over by the police this Tuesday evening. The driver was on his way to a customer when a patrol car suddenly gave chase. The brief pursuit happened during a peak hour, which resulted in a considerable crowd of people with their groceries, right outside the store. “The guy was following the speed limit. I don’t know what the problem was,” a puzzled on-looker told our reporter. The lady, identified only as “Nan”, was waiting for her bus at the time of the unexplained commotion.

The driver was promptly questioned in the glare of the flickering emergency lights, and finally, the two boys in blue were witnessed leaving the scene with three steaming pizza boxes. Guess there’s someone getting their delayed pizzas for free — but receiving nothing in return.

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