Too smart

I have a Whirlpool washing machine that has “6th sense technology.” It’s supposed to be able to determine how full the machine is and then adjust the washing cycle, water etc. accordingly.

I don’t know if it’s doing a good job or not (in the 6th sense stuff; it does make clothes clean which is enough for me), but today I noticed it’s a bit too smart. Either that, or there’s someone living in my washing machine.

I put a small amount of clothes in the machine, including a small zipper bag with a clothing item in it. I zipped up the bag, of course.

After the cycle was done and I went to unload the machine, I noticed that the zipper bag was open — and empty. Whoever it was, they hadn’t stolen the item, so at least I don’t have one of those sock-stealing creatures in there.

I’ve also noticed they enjoy turning huge duvet covers inside out!

Assassin’s Greed

Must. Find. All. Flags.

In Assassin’s Creed you find different flags all around the world and cities.

There are

  • 100 King Richard flags
  • 100 Saracen flags
  • 100 Jerusalem flags
  • 34 Templar flags
  • 33 Hospitaler flags
  • 33 Teutonic flags
  • 20 Assassins flags

That’s 420. That’s a lot of flags.

And of course, I have a huuuge temptation to try and find them all. Because, I just like collectables.

There are also 60 Templars to (find and) kill…