Needs and wants

On a warm sunny day (that should strike as funny as you read on) last week I was faced with a problem I rarely — if ever, except with socks — face: I found two fitting pieces of clothing for the same purpose!

I was browsing the clothing department, not planning on finding anything (although always hopeful), when I came across a rack marked Season Sale. It had a few different types and colours of winter coats in the few remaining sizes.

I found a nice, practical grey coat — I actually had been looking to replace my old one. Then, there also was this lovely red coat. I knew I would get the grey one but I couldn’t possibly justify buying both, could I?

But the red was so nice!

After trying them on, I stood there, looking at the coats, thinking, looking at the price tags (not too expensive!). And then I asked Grandma for help (we were shopping together). She obviously opted for the red because she would do anything to get some colour on me.

So I did it. I got them both! Now I’m hoping they at least suit for different weathers (the red is shorter and slightly smaller, i.e. I can’t wear much extra under it, so it’s hopefully light enough for the milder degrees).

Once again, I’m looking forward to winter!

Grey and red winter coat

I feel pretty, oh so pretty... ;)

Talking about needs… I’ve “needed” quite a lot of Xbox games lately: first Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Fable II, and, as the latest addition to my game library, Fallout 3 GOTY. The thumbs, y’know. Still working on the thumbs.

You know it’s time to wash the dishes…

… when you’re eating porridge out of a coffee cup with a teaspoon.

Porridge in a cup

So ammoosing

Actually, I noticed that a mug is much better than the bowls I usually use because the portion is so small. There’s a silver lining!

(The endearing cow mug by Pii-Pot, Finland.)