When I get home tonight, there might be a puppy waiting.

My parents and little sister are going to my sister’s friend to see their Pekingese Chinese Crested (see for example Dog Breed Info Center) puppies and my sister has her eye on one of them, a full white one (not albino, I was told) called Nipsu (it’s the name of the goofy, big eared Moomin character (looks a bit like kangaroo), if you know those).

Dad has been wanting another dog/puppy for a long time and he’s been telling how cute these Bichon Frises are (fluffy dogs, feel like you’d break them if you held them); he’s seen them at work (CEO’s dogs). Of course, I think dogs are wonderful and I wouldn’t mind having Nipsu around. I’m just not so keen about the puppy age……..

[edit: Nov 2] Well, there wasn’t a puppy but it’s pretty certain that we’re getting Nipsu (or whatever his name will end up being, sister suggested Frodo but I oppose). The breed changed from Pekingese to Chinese Crested because sister remembered it wrong. Luckily “Nipsu” would be the powderpuff type, i.e. not hairless. [/edit]

[edit: Nov 3] Last night we (sister and I) came up with the name Wolfgang Amadeus. Nickname is still undecided but I’m rooting for “Ami” (I think that’s French for ‘friend’, at least there was an XF episode called “En Ami” and it’s title was a play with the idea that it means ‘friends’ but for the English speaking sounds like ‘enemy’ (CSM was being unusually friendly towards Scully). [/edit]