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Blogger in denial

Updates: Joined Piano fanlisting cause I like playing the piano and I enjoy classical (or actually any type) music played on a piano. I’d play it more often if I got some privacy every now and then cause I don’t like playing when other people are around.

Eeeeh! Starting work next Monday

Roughly 2 months ago I said, quote, I’m not a crazy blogger, unquote. Should I rephrase that?

Now I’m officially without a tv. Oh the tv stand/table looks so empty. My sister offered to sit on it so I wouldn’t feel so lonely ;P

@ 16:43
Day 1 without my TV: Off it went. No withdrawals yet ;) Had to tape Entrapment (although I think I’ve seen it before…) but Mum didn’t watch some garden shows so I was able to see Scrubs and Charmed. And I also watched The Agency (funny to see “Jackson Haisley” on two channels at the same time, the actor (for the life of me I can’t remember the name [edit] Will Patton is the actor [/edit]) was in Entrapment too, with more hair and funnier moustache! He played Hector Cruz) and Harsh Realm with no problems. :)
[I hope you won’t take all this too seriously…]

Updates: At Fanlistings, changed the images’ alt-attributes to title, so that Mozilla people (including myself) can see the topic of a fanlisting on mouse hover, too. (Mozilla, at least the V.1.6 I have, shows alt-text only when the image is not loaded.)
I also made a new button for all things me (they’re over there <—- [edit: June 25] now over there —->[/edit])

But now, coffee time!!!

Blog sticker mystery solved

Updates: Joined a Libraries fanlisting.
Hmm…. there was something else.. oh yeah (see next)

Been deciding: I think I’ll update the layout soon. Even though this is a nice one (in my entitled opinion), but why keep a layout in store. I might “revert” back to this one some day. Besides, I have to get rid of my blue “image”! (says she in blue pajamas)

For ages I’ve been wondering where these nice “blog stickers/buttons” came from. I’d seen them on many sites. Now I finally found a) the term, b) a sticker/button maker, c) a site with loads of links to stickers/links to their makers
I haven’t put any of them up, though. Maybe someday. I just needed to know what they were.

@ 18:05
Updates: New layout for all things me (!!!)
Let me know what you think of it.

I can’t seem to be able to keep a layout for more than 2 months :D Maybe I’ll have a “creative pause” after this. As much as I love making layouts, I don’t want to change the look of my sites ALL the time. Once again I wish I’d be a professional web designer. (And once again I point out that I’m not saying that I have the talent…)

Lotsa Daria

Updates: Joined Daria Morgendorffer (i.e. the character) Fanlisting and apparently there is a new listing for the *show* Daria, so I joined that too :)

Quick note: I saw Survivor Amazon’s finale today and all I can say is BOOOOOOOOO

@ 23:29
Shoot! My Stephen King site’s counter had been “destroyed” and I lost all the hits. I have no idea how many there were…

*gasp* Tomorrow I’m going to have to say bye-bye to my TV (and VCR, for they’re the same entity :) ) for a while. Dad and I are taking it to a TV hospital (has to be done sooner or later and no moment is better than the other, except that this is much better than if the XF was running…). I wonder if they rent out TVs to fill the void…
Anyway, I think I’ve told about the problem it started having a while (a MONTH) ago. Turning off every 10 seconds or so. And spitting the video cassette out as well (luckily I can record if the TVs turned off cause the VCR upstairs is crappy).

Been pondering: Should I publish a new layout for all things me so soon

XIII withdrawals

Updates: To celebrate (see prev.), I decided to join the Dogs & Puppies fanlisting :)

My sister keeps chatting online so I can’t play XIII because my computer is the one connected to the Internet. I’m not sure if my computer can handle both the internet and the game. I dare not try. *sob* AND, I’m getting tired! Dammit!

@ 22:45
I finally got to play XIII. It’s great, especially because XIII is the character you play with and Duchovny’s done that voice. :P I thought XIII would be the bad guy #1 who you’d have to fight with in the end :) Better this way – much better

And no, he’s not the only reason I want to play that game. :P

Happy Birthday Katrina!

Updates: I finished reading the Talisman today, next I’m starting “Talisman II” i.e. the Black House.

I’m always shocked (not in a bad way) to see a professor use smileys… In an email I received there was a <=O]

Today I stayed at the department because I was supposed to go see a prof about my training/job but we (the studies coordinator and I) didn’t get to see him. Oh well, good thing I stayed doing assignments though, cause I finally got my natural language generation pipeline working properly (well, I haven’t made the pipeline which is Java, but the XSL transformations). I had done something very odd in the beginning when I was just learning the stuff and it messed up the whole system. Now there’s only a few “polishings” to do and I can send all the assignments/files to the professor (for whom I’m doing the course, it’s sort of “extra curriculum” but has to do with my bachelor’s thesis). I do, however, have an essay to write by May 1st, but that I’ll do on Friday. Today I have to check what I’ve done wrong in an assignment cause it was so easy :D (probably haven’t done anything wrong, mind you)

@ 23:27
Updates: Joined the Talisman Fanlisting

I have an exam tomorrow about “changing English”, we were told to bring our notes and papers with us. I’ll just read through the papers quickly tonight and I’m set. Better catch some shuteye, too…

Whee, can’t wait for tomorrow morning and the bus ride. I’m going to start reading Black House (that’s my “backpack book”). Geek? Me?

As if I hadn’t joined enough fanlistings already

Updates: It was actually yesterday (not April 2) when I published my new SK site — oh well :) Joined two fanlistings: On Writing and Eyes of the Dragon, both books by Stephen King

@ 18:39
Been doing: Made a very cool (if I may say :) ) layout for my sister’s live-roleplaying game. It’s a temporary page until she (pulls herself together and…) gets around deciding what kind of a site she wants for herself (the game site is only a subpage, or it will be). Apparently, she doesn’t want the old site moved to a new address, but she wants to make changes and decide which drawings are going to be there.

I did pull *myself* together and installed Apache Ant and even looked through some .xml files for my bachelor’s thesis. I still have a pile of assignments due April 8th — most terrifying of all, the adventure game.

Happy Birthday Hugo!

Updates: Joined a web design fanlisting; new book titles in different languages at TGWLSK; a new quiz winner and a new quiz award for me at XAMM; and obviously this thingy right here at all things me.

I was reading about different web logs and about Perl and mySQL and whatnot — and thought “naaaah”. I’m not a crazy blogger (not a reference to that one particular service) and there’s not even much to write about, but I wanted to do something new again. This’ll be my “updates and what not” page cause sometimes the updates don’t fit in the window with the “fancy” code form they’re in now, and at least with this sort if thing I can have a scrollbar and I don’t have to be embarrassed about it! :)

All the date+times have a link to the Haloscan commenting [pop-up], but I know no one will ever write to them anyway so I’ll combine them under the same “blog” title…

Hmm, let’s see… Thursdays are odd days. No matter how much I sleep (last night luxurious 7-8 hours…) I always get really tired during the 13-16 lecture (NOT because of the teacher). Today I had context free parsing methods and the DCG grammars with annoying Prolog difference lists didn’t make any sense [don’t laugh you geek… :P ]… In the morning (10-12) I had Changing English and the topic was dialects, especially Scottish. Made me realize that maybe it’s not Scottish accent I like so much, it could be Irish. I’ll know that next week (topic: Irish dialect). Before context free parsing methods I sat at the department and finished my ruminations on chart parsing (an assignment of the same course).

Whoops, I blabbered.

[edit: June 27] Ultimately I did cave in and chose Greymatter and there are no Haloscan comments anymore cause GM has its own commenting system [/edit]
[edit: July 12] Well, GM actually used perl which I had sworn to keep away from (then again, I like perl) but now I’ve even given in to MySQL!! What next?! Pink socks?! [/edit]