Word of the Day: Meh – verbal equivalent of a shrug, means indifference (and other similar things). I’d never seen that word written before last night and I think it’s so comical. I don’t know know why, maybe I connect it with something funny where I’ve heard it. A bit like ‘knackered’ makes me always think of Jamie Oliver and when I see the word I can “hear” him say it :)

There was a truck parked on our neighbour’s front lawn for quite some time (since autumn) and a bird had made a nest under it. Mum told me that yesterday when they came to tow the truck away after it wouldn’t start, the bird was just going to take a worm to the “kids” but it didn’t dare go near the truck cause there were people around. After they towed the truck away the mother bird didn’t understand where the nest had gone and it kept flying around the place where the truck had been. That’s so sad. :cry:

Updates: Joined Blue Cheese Fanlisting
Day 4 without my TV: Watched ER and taped some new restaurant reality tv show thingy… Rocco something [edit] never got around watching it though[/edit]. No problemo.

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Decided to try a step bigger font for all things me; it means that the pages are longer but at least you can see better :)

Started playing Morrowind (Elder Scrolls III) today. I haven’t played much RPG (Final Fantasy 8 only I guess — on Play Station 1) cause I don’t really find it interesting, but I have to try. The game has been sitting in the shelf for ages. (hmm… as if I didn’t have enough games installed on my computer already…)