Updates: Been organizing this exponentially grown blog :D I’ll have each month’s entries on one page. I was planning on having only the newest entries on this page, but it looked silly because of that looooooong column on the left. You can see how silly it looks now that there’s only 2 entries on the page. Maybe I should make the font another step bigger :laugh:
Also, added a little Me paragraph [right column]

Whee! I got 3 for Structured Document Fundamentals (HTML, XML, XHTML, LaTeX, XSLT, XSL-FO, SVG — that sort of stuff). (grades are 1-3, at least for the time being…)

My chocolate chip cookies are useless… at least for now. I’ve actually had a real lunch break. To be honest, it’s nice to have people drag you out of your room every once in a while…

Today we student employees had a meeting; because of me! :laugh: I’m the newest one so I don’t know what they need me to do. So, today I got a little more info on that. (*being as vague as possible — for a reason* I’m actually a secret agent woman…) I would’ve gone to talk to the professor (whose project I’m working in/on) about a parser I’m going to tweak (so I heard) but he wasn’t around.

Been ashamed: I broke someone’s pen today… the clip thing… I hate when people do that to my pens and now I did it. I feel awful :neutral:
Been fighting with: table cell heights in IE and Mozilla

[edit; “big” means this size, I changed it back to small afterwards] This big text annoys me… but I’m torn. I can read the tiny text, but can you? Should you? [/edit]
[edit] And now I don’t have to worry about font size issues anymore because WordPress has pretty big fonts as a default and they don’t look too bad [/edit]