Another interesting smiley in an email from a professor: < =o\ There was a happier version < =o] of it in an email some time back. Some more I don't understands: - slash fanfiction or any fanfiction for that matter... or maybe some, but not the "let's force a romantic relationship on these two characters cause there must be something in the air even though this is a scifi/horror show and not a damn The Bold and the Beautiful" kind (a la X-Files shippers). To be honest, I don't care about other tv shows (etc.), but Mulder+Scully shipper fanfiction I *really* don't understand - people who throw their trash on the ground - people who mix they're, their, and there (in writing!) [edit: added 28 June] - people who wait *with their finger on the Stop-button* in a bus until they've reached some good spot before they can push the button - people who think I have "please, do cut in line" written on my back - people who read on the can [/edit]