First of all, Happy Birthday Grandpa! :)

Yesterday I managed to catch some sort of a cold by sitting my back to the back door of the bus. A slight breeze came from there, actually so noticeable that I thought the door was open. This morning, when I got on the bus I, of course, got a coughing spell.
No use in sniffling either, there’s an awful stench of paint here, and I can smell it. Guess who’ll have a headache by the end of the day. \o_ thaaaat’s right – I

I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut (or fingers tied) to let one day pass without blogging…

@ 13:14
¿Qué? “Wrought” is the past tense/past participle of “work”

I don’t understand II and a half :D
– why people ask questions and won’t bother checking with Google first (I’m referring to “stupid” questions on a translators’ mailing list)

(- why do I go to bed at 10:30 pm in order to get more sleep if I’m still awake at midnight…)