I don’t understand Part III:
– why some people think they’re bicycles
lots of people walk smack in the middle of a cycle path on the street
– yesterday a woman with a pram didn’t get on the bus because there was one step! I was all ready to help her to lift the pram in but she took one look at the bus and left. It didn’t cross her mind to ask for help?

Word of the Day: guffaw; I sort of learned that today, I’ve always thought it was “guwaff” I must’ve misread it when I was little (I’ve never *heard* it). Oh yeah, it means hearty, boisterous burst of laughter — or a corresponding verb

In a way I finished the homepage I was making for my aunt. Now we’re anxiously (well, I’m anxious at least) waiting for the details to arrive so I can start uploading and setting up things. Very exiting!