Today at the grocery store a little boy snatched my packet of minced meat. He was so quick that I didn’t even notice. I was packing the things into the shopping bag and the packet had disappeared. The cashier noticed that the boy had something in his hand (he was a kid to the lady next in line). It turned out that they had a similar package. Hard working shop assistant I must say. :mrgreen:

@ 21:05
Joined Dreamweaver fanlisting.
It’s called WYSIWYG but I’ve never thought of Dreamweaver as wysiwyg… Although it really is what-you-see-is-what-you-get and no extra crap. (I haven’t used it exclusively as wysiwyg so I don’t know how it handles the adding and removing and moving of code.)

Now I’m gonna go watch 2001 Space Travesty. Ta ta!