Yesterday I heard that a friend of mine from high school is having a baby in November (awwwww). Another friend of mine has been together with her boyfriend for over six years (they’re really cute). Another is living with her boyfriend. I could go on and on. All are the same age as myself (younger, to be exact, but same year). I’m trying to smile through it all, but sometimes it gets really really difficult. (Not too often, though.)
(Luckily there are “single power” (cf. girl power) programs like S&C. :smile: )

Yesterday I bought Dolores Claiborne (the book by Stephen King) and saw Shrek II (original version of course! Kiddies’ version is dubbed). It was a wonderful movie and it had lots of allusions to other movies etc. (as movies of that genre tend to do). I won’t list them here openly (someone *could* blame me for spoiling the film), but read the rest of this post if you want. Of course I don’t remember many of them, but maybe I’ll find some reminders some place else.

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References or allusions in Shrek II:
— Spiderman: upside down kiss
— Lord of the Rings: wedding ring spinning in the air, carving appearing
— Mission Impossible: music, rescuing Shrek, Donkey and Puss In Boots by lowering Pinocchio from the ceiling
— Ghostbusters: giant gingerbread man Mongo (was a marshmellow man in GB)
— Cops (or any other cop reality-tv show)
— Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Shrek calls the royal trumpeters something similar but funny)
— McDonalds
— Robert’s Coffee (or Wayne’s or Starbucks, to me it looked a lot like the logo of Robert’s Coffee but that may be Finnish company… I’m not sure)
— the Oscars and E!’s (channel?) presentator
— Hollywood-style sign of Far Far Away
— the Little Mermaid Ariel (Disney animation) washes to shore and kisses Shrek
— Alien (someone bursts out of someone’s shirt…)
— Indiana Jones: Puss In Boots grabs his hat just before a trap door is closed
— Zorro: Puss In Boots makes a letter P on a tree with his sword and the original voice is by Antonio “Zorro” Banderas

More to come if I’m able