I want to tell about the horrible cackle my localisation/CAT teacher made behind my back making me jump in the air at least somewhat and wondering what I’d done wrong. Me and the girl sitting next to me glanced at each other, most likely thinking “is it you or me?” (or actually, I was thinking “please, let it be you he’s laughing at rather than me”). In the end, he was laughing at the story we were translating.

I want to tell about the man behind whom I sat down yesterday in the bus. He had a yellow birch leaf stuck in his hair.

And that made me think of a man whom I once saw standing in the bus. Every so often he drew a few circles around his head with his hand.

I have written about my university term but I don’t want to publish it yet because I don’t want my latest language related post (in a long time, I might add) drown in the flood.

*slaps hands over ears, eyes, and mouth*

*goes to read Dark Tower VI*