I celebrated too early. It was this morning that there was really snow. Everything was white and still is (pretty much) — at least outside the city centre.

Last night, 8 pm — 2 am, I drew a GUI picture series of a search function. It’s for the ‘introduction to application design’ course. There’s a zoo database which we’ve designed through 3 group projects so far. (It’s going to develop step by step, but we aren’t going to program it. This is just a course on designing.) It was a lot of fun. It would’ve been more fun to design the basic layout for the interface (I would’ve done an html page with frames and forms and then taken a screen shot of it) but it wasn’t my turn — last week I drew use case diagrams and context diagrams, wrote use cases based on Alistair Cockburn’s template

If you know a program for *drawing* windows (not an MS Visual Basic type of thing that codes the interface), I’d be very interested in hearing about it.