My eyes are closing… I woke up around 8:30/9:00 to be in time to sign into a computer class (and I got in! Hurraah) , yesterday I was woken up at 7:45 by a plumber drilling (or something) right behind the wall where my bed+head is. Today (that’d be Thursday) I’m going to see Grudge with my sister, right after work above all. Guess who’ll be knackered.

Today — I mean yesterday, Wed — we took Amadeus to the vet to get his 2nd vaccinations and a microchip. I wrote all about it on Ami’s site.

Yesterday, I mean Tuesday, I got a new roommate at work. I’m glad the previous went (got his dissertation done, I guess) because I probably would’ve freaked out at the next “would you pleeeease close the door if you leave” (of course, I wouldn’t have, but I need to say I would). This new roommate of mine speaks English. Uh oh. Me and English is like a mouth and a hot potato. Anyway, I don’t know much about her yet. Today, I mean Wednesday, she got a new computer (a fancy black one, lucky her). The computer guy promised I’d be getting mine soon.

Oh yeah, I’m getting a new computer at work. The guys, or one of them, had quite a list of features they need (tons of Ghz, tons of Gb, CD/DVD burner (eh, what are you planning to do? Rip movies?), optical/wireless mouse, huge flat screen………), and I would just like some extra memory and a bit faster computer (now I have 900 Mhz, and probably 256 or 512 Mb memory, at work that is) — it’s not like we’re getting to keep the machines. Boys and toys, right? :)
I did request to get both Windows and Linux installed because the computer guy specifically asked (good thing he asked, I want Linux too). But that’s it.

Tod… ok ok, yesterday I got a banana. Not any regular banana but a friendly banana. Thanks S., I owe you a banana. :mrgreen: