Via: Jafer (there under a slightly different name; my life’s so boring I don’t want to sound confident that no one has done any of these :) )

  1. Played a $100 000 grand piano in a church
  2. Asked the teacher for permission to be excused from a Spanish lesson to go to McDonald’s for a friend’s birthday
  3. Studied Farsi/Persian (and Finnish…! :wink: )
  4. Had an article published in a magazine (soon, and soon two)
  5. Ordered 20 000 Swiss francs’ worth of gold and silver wire from Switzerland (or something like that, but it was a lot of money)
  6. Sang at the opening of a health centre
  7. Had a nose piercing
  8. Liked cod-liver oil more than pancakes as a kid (that stuff is for Finns what Vegemite is for Aussies)
  9. Was voted weirdest girl in senior high
  10. Sat writing and troubleshooting MySQL queries and PHP for a web portfolio at 1:45 am
    (ok, so I ran out of ideas…)

Here’s some extra cause people have done some of those:

  1. Had an electric shock while swimming in the lake during a thunder storm