What a weird day — I was offered a job. I won’t be sharing any details about it yet until I know what the deal is but it would almost be my dream job.

I got it through a teacher(-ish) at the Uni. They (singular) were impressed by my work in a couple of classes.

Crazy stuff. I’m grinning from ear to ear (like this :mrgreen: ) and can’t wait for tomorrow to call about it. I’m dead scared of phones (or of the sort of conversations…) but I’m going to call. Of course I am. Yes, I am. Yeah.

Alas, this probably means I need to quit the research job. It would be a shame because the people are really nice :) and it’s interesting and I was secretly hoping I could get my master’s thesis topic off of the project…

But I wouldn’t be the only one that’s left for a “real” job (I don’t mean that the research is less real than something else — but it can only go on for so long). I sometimes feel like I’ve given what I’ve got to the project and am twiddling thumbs (well, except now that I have this bloody tricky XSLT-script to write). But I can’t keep three jobs (be they only part-time and occassional), now can I? I still have studying to do as well!

But I really really do want this new job. OK OK, I don’t know if it’s going to be anything or am I just getting excited for no reason, but I sure do hope it will work out.

This is actually pretty scary, or odd at least. When I was younger (well, before I got sucked into this Uni project and realised that I may be able to be of use) I thought I probably wouldn’t amount to anything. I’ve been studying this vague subject that doesn’t give you a clear cut pigeon-hole occupational title like a doctor, or a lawyer or a kindergarten teacher (not that I’ve ever wanted to work in a pigeon-hole).

Honestly, what did I do?! (Well, I am a robot after all :mrgreen: )

[update May 19 @12:35] Darn, it would be a full-time job. I don’t know if I can handle that. I have to negotiate. [/update]
[update May 19 @ 15:25] Negotiations on-going :) This is very exciting! When they find out I don’t study languages, though… ooops. :razz: [/update]