Vampire Bloodlines cover Recently I’ve been playing Vampire The Masquerade — Bloodlines. It’s RPG which isn’t my favourite genre, but hey, it’s vampires!!

It’s a very interesting game. Games don’t usually freak me out (except for the piranhas that were in my face in Pharaoh), but when I went to pick a lock to a haunted house and a light crackled above my head with electricity… I jumped. And in the house when I was happily walking in the narrow basement corridors, I came to crossroads and a ghost runs past. Yeeep.

I’ve taken a seduction, persuasion, talk-my-way-out-of-it approach to the game so some of the necessary fights have been pretty difficult. There are a few unfinished quests because I’ve found the bad guys to be a bit too tough for me. I’ll get back to them after collecting a bit more experience points.

Today I was jamming at the local disco, Asylum:

Dancing with the triplets
Vampire: Triplets

Another set of triplets
Vampire: Triplets

… and this guy …
Vampire: This guy