Ahh, a potentially heated discussion at the WP forums — again (it’s like should you or shouldn’t you target external links to _blank). Table layouts and the importance of CSS.

Well, you know I think people who can’t write HTML by hand are not supposed to make homepages either, but they do (I don’t know about electronics so I don’t go fixing my TV! I know borking your code doesn’t kill you, though). They get into something like WP which, to satisfy their grandiose ideas, requires some knowledge of PHP, CSS, and HTML. If they don’t know about those and are scared to get elbow-deep in them (I think I hadn’t seen any PHP before WP, but because I know a few programming languages, the syntax came naturally), they flock the forums with lots of things they want to achieve and need help to achieve them (“Help!!!!1 this is very important! I need it done today!”).

But I do understand people who are just starting in the wonderful world of web design, who maybe know the basics but not the more “advanced” stuff like CSS. It maybe be too much to them to get an all-CSS layout, especially if it needs to be a bit on the complex side. Layouts with tables are easy! You aren’t supposed to make them, but boy do they scale nicely and you can do all kinds of cool images for the layout and just slice them up and whack ’em in a table. I know I’m maybe just trying to justify my own table layouts which I have been too lazy to change, but CSS gets frustrating at times. Maybe I should just get a few recipes up my 3/4-length sleeve that I can happily type around without going through the trial and error from scratch every time.