I’ve been doing that database application for 101,5 hours and that’s most likely an underestimate cause I didn’t dare mark all the hours I’ve spent on it. The course gives 2 credits which equals 80 work hours. We had to print out a work hour list with letters assigned to different parts of the process and I wrote a note at the bottom that there should be a letter code for pedantry (or pernicketiness or perfectionism, they’d all go under P!)…

Sigh. It’s done. It’s actually done! “Tomorrow” we have to demonstrate our applications (I’m sure something goes wrong even though I think I’ve checked everything) and then this whole burden of a c(o)urse is finished. Next I have to start dreading and waiting for the grade. I want a 3 [i.e. the maximum]. I so want a 3.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a lot of fun, but trying to cram 1333 lines of PHP code, 13 PHP/XHTML pages, a JavaScript file and a stylesheet into a documentation… not fun. Oh yeah, it ended up being 105 pages. I printed it as 2 pages per paper on a PDF which I’ll be printing today at the department. They make the crazy documentation instructions, they lose the stack of paper.

For the first time in my life my shoulder, elbow, and wrist ache from typing and it’s on my left arm only. Weird. Now I’m going to not-document yay!