How will I not drop dead?

I agreed to start in the new job — if they’ll have me — right after next week. This week is for the project, next week I have an exam, and then BAM. New job. New hectic job.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy they were interested in getting me aboard. They were impressed by my choice of subjects at the Uni (I’m glad someone is…), and career opportunities after graduation were mentioned. I’m sure they were just keeping their jaws limber, but it sounded pretty good (and scary).

How to deal with the nonexistent time away from all sorts of responsibilities (maybe I take responsibilities too seriously) and never-ending early mornings (*cough cough*)? Just “stop whining” and lots of coffee? I hope it’ll go smoothly; I probably won’t even notice the lack of vacation. It just would be so nice to do nothing scheduled for a while.

If they’ll have me, that is.

[edit: Aug 3rd] They’ll have me. [/edit]